Tacoma ATM start paying out in $5 bills.

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Several customers have come in complaining to the store where i work saying the BANK ATM WAS ONLY PUTTING OUT $5 BILLS! It takes no great leap of logic to discover that the machine cannot handle a very great withdrawal if it has to pay in 5's.

-- Ann Fisher (zyax55b@prodigy.com), July 21, 1999


An ATM will give out $5 when it runs out of $20. But, if it keeps this up for more than a day or two... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), July 21, 1999.

There are at least 3 ATM that I know of that restrict the max withdraw

to $ 150 now and only give out 5 1nd 10 dollar bills.

This has changed about 4 weeks ago before that it was $300 max and

$20 bills. They also slab you with a $1.50 service fee every time.

I do not frequent them anymore.

I changed my bank to one that does't charge you an service fee for

its own ATM and where you still can get $400 a day ( I hope for at

least some month to come)

-- justme (justme@justme.net), July 21, 1999.

This is strange to say the least. Just this last friday, my local bank ATM gave us all 10's for $200 dollar withdrawl. I looked at the Mrs and asked her to count it all. She looked disturbed after the third 10 spot counted, very surprised at the end of counting. All there, but all 10 spots! I thought that the banks were complaining about dimes and pennies being on a shortage, not $50's and $20's.

Joe Martin -- Buffalo, NY

-- Joe Martin (nospam@nospam.com), July 21, 1999.

At a Shell Station right off 1-94 in Galesburg, MI, I walked up to an ATM machine which had a hand-written sign on it:

"Down due to Y2k software."

Luckily, I had cash. I was about ready to ask the attendant what was up regarding the ATM, but she looked like she was having a bad day and was busy.

I managed to get the company's name: Hanco Systems. Anyone hear of this company/

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), July 21, 1999.

Hi Joe Martin,

justme here near Batevia, NY.

Same problem here today. Also new rules ion effect since this Monday at the local Fleet Bank. Every withdraw of more then $500 need to have 2 forms of ID and they write them down. I ask to speak with the Manager and ask him what the hell is going on with MY money. He gave me some wishy washy B.S. So I told him I am not satisfied with his explanation and want to close my account. They wanted to give me an Bank check and I said NO I gave you honest money to put into the account I want honest real money back not a piece of paper everyone can print in his garage. I told him he has the choice to give me my money in bills or I will go out into the bank and tell people that the bank does NOT give people there honest money back. He then tried to treaten me with the police and I just got my cell phone out, told him I am calling my lawyer, called my wife and pretended to talk to my lawyer. I got my money in nice 100-dollar bills all $6400 of it. The hell with them they act like YOU are theyre slave or work for them they don't remember that they don't have a job if people refuse direct deposit and refuse to deposit they're savings. They like many others, Doctors, politicians and so on they forget that they work for YOU. They provide a service they do NOT own YOU.

-- justme (justme@justme.bom), July 21, 1999.

Was visiting family in Southern Illinois, went to a grocery store....It was an IGA store in Salem,Illinios.... anyway on the door was a hand written note saying "All credit card and Link (food stamp) transactions are down until further notice"

I went in and spoke with the acting manager of the store. His said, they have had many many problems over the last few days and then the system just shut down. They are waiting on "them" to fix it. (whoever 'them' is.)

-- bulldog (sniffin@around.com), July 21, 1999.

It is fortunate that a lot of these problems are happening now...and if anyone thinks it's not going to be 50-100 times worse come the roll over has a big problem in dealing with realities.

Justme also gave you a clue. Are you listening?????

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), July 22, 1999.

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