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I am considering have a go at Large format and have been offered a MMP Mk8 at a resonable price.

Are there any pro's and Cons to the camera for a first timer. I would point out that curently my main inderes is DOF in landscape, although i like the ides of the perspective corection of shots that include buildings, whith out going into full architectural photography

If you dont like it I would like to hear your thoughts of an alternitive. please note that i am on a limited budget

as an after though what focal lenth do you thing i shoul consider as a fisrst lens. I have to say that with my 35mm I find my self at my most creative my 50 mm but that probably because it a prime. So shoul i look at 170 approx or should i go wider say 120 or 100.

all thoughts apreciated


-- Julian Young (, July 20, 1999


The MMP is a very good first camera for you. It has more controls than a Graphic or Bush, and fewer than a Linhof. You shouldn't need to pay more than $200 for the camera w/o lens. The "normal" lens would be 150mm and you won't want anything shorter if you plan on using the controls on the camera. "Press cameras" usually were supplied with 127mm or 135mm lens, but they were meant for straight-on applications, not for perspective control. You should be able to find a single-coated Schneider Symmar 150mm for $125; maybe less. Learn on this conservative, starter kit, then move up to better lenses. If and when you become totally enamoured of LF, you can transfer the better lenses to a real view camera with more dramatic swings 'n tilts [if you really need them]. Albest

-- Richard Fish (, July 21, 1999.

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