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is bodybuilding recomended for a 14 year boy? canhe start going to a gym and start bodybuilding on a small scale?

-- bilal shafiq (, July 20, 1999


I think bodybuilding is recomended to a atleast 17 or18 years old boy cause thats the time where his bones are already grown. If the 14 years starts bodybuilding he can have effect on his height cause his bones are still in progress of growth.


With a contolled program (ie no heavy squats....etc), there is nothing wrong with going to the gym at 14.


-- Kemal "Big" Turk (, July 02, 2001.

My opinion is yes. I started lifting at 13-14 and I found that it was very helpful in school and in sports. It gives you an edge over those that don't. And as far as intensity goes.. go all out. Lift to failure, reach your max. That's the only way you'll experience serious muscle growth. There's no point in lifting on a small scale because that doesn't really do anything for your muscles. Lift heavy or not at all.

-- Crash Wit (, September 04, 2001.

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