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A group of concerned citizens is developing a global Y2K teach-in to be held in the fall. This will be a marathon broadcast carried simulataneously via television, satellite, cable, radio, telephone and the Internet, coordinated with local gatherings and follow-up events across the country (and in other nations). A complete description is available at

Developing this high-impact event will require the input and participation of hundreds of people -- Y2K activists, community leaders, Y2K experts, IT and media professionals, plus advisors and supporters from many diverse sectors.

Your help is needed.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1999


Conniry's Wilderness has been actively teaching y2k preparedness and survival training in the San Diego area for several years. We are prepared to continue with teaching the skills that we believe will save people's lives in case of an emergency. We are available to you to provide those necessary skills whether by having folks attend an actual class/seminar or by viewing our video. Please review our web site for more details:

-- Anonymous, July 21, 1999

I recommend that we create a continuing process, that begins now and continues through Y2K into the 21st century, that will have in the process some focus events, as planned for in the teachin. Pre-planned and scheduled activities to follow the teachin are as important as what happens during the teachin. Contingency planning for ourselves interacting through possible mania in the last few months of 1999 and into the turbulence in the early months of 2000 is very important, and needs to begin asap.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 1999

I will begin posting key topics and their champions tomorrow, as descriptions come in from the respective champions.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 1999

Simply having a place to "come together", all-be-it electronically, to create this event will add to its impact. There are many people interested in getting the Y2K word out and they have been doing so in there communities. Bringing these folks together into this event for them to brainstorm and share will help to make the teach-in "high impact." The SDHC's Y2K Project has done presentations to various school, church and community groups, closed circuit TV tele- conferencing, maintains a very active web site and is working on Y2K instructional initiatives for the 1999-2000 school curriculum. I would be interested in helping in whatever way might benefit this effort to educate the public.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 1999

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