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Recently my wife and I found an incredible sale at Sneaker Stadium, going out of business. We bought $3200 worth of quality outdoor gear (down Gore-Tex parkas, Gore Tex pants) for 85% off. Make sure you pay attention to the color. Black absorbs heat better. My $375 pants also look just like any other black pants. If times are tough stains should also show up nicely on them. All of our gear, backpacks, and clothing is in the same slate grey or black color. It doesn't stand out and doesn't make you a target. The parkas a a little concern for me. They are a medium blue, but couldn't pass up a $560 parka for $80. If I'm going out I'll just wear my old grey parka. Please also look at a product called Head Sox. It's a combination balaclava, hat, and face mask. Can't recommend it enough. My North Face (dark forest green) baby bonnet style hat is chilly compared to it. Get the black wind-stop version. I had a picture taken of me in the New York Catskills while camping in February. I had on black pants, a black/dark green parka, and slate grey pack. Most people have to look at the photo for a few seconds before they see me. I think this combination might be good for blending in in an urban and country environment without appearing like some military personnel.

-- Retroman (, July 19, 1999


This stuff sounds grand, but I'm not sure I should wear these in Florida. Instead, I bought shorts and stuff at Goodwill. I want to buy a couple of pair of good sneakers though. Buy now, wear forever, or until the "recovery." Cough.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 20, 1999.

I may not have a bug-out-bag yet, but I do have a Y2K trousseau, of sorts. It's a large tote container of extra clothes and footwear I acquired, not to be opened until the rollover. (Sort of a late XMAS '99 present to myself.) This includes winter gear and various unmentionables that I bought on steep sale last December.

-- Brooks (, July 20, 1999.

Chubby Hubby and I live in denium shorts and Tee shirts. (Florida) I bought 16 pair of shorts at Sam's Club and Walgreens regularly have Tees (nice heavy ones) 3 for $10. I have two of those plastic boxes full of tees. Also, I have loaded up on socks and underware for both of us and the cheap Walmart Velcro rather than shoe string, tennis shoes. We have enuff jeans and sweat shirts for winter. A friend of mine came for the winter last year and patched 27 pair of Levis for my husband. (that is a REAL friend). So hubby' little butt will be covered.


-- Taz (, July 21, 1999.

Hubby has had insulated Carhart 'one piece' suits for years. They also come in 'coverall' or overall styles, but his is the insulated, heavy canvas 'suit' that has complete upper body coverage. Really makes a difference in the amount of time one is able to be outside and be comfortable.

Got mine a few weeks ago! They come in all sizes, and I would highly recommend these for anyone living in climates where cold weather will be a problem.

-- Wilferd (, July 21, 1999.

Just got the Cabella's fall catalogue yesterday. They had some interesting denim cammis on the back cover. (Too bad they charge so much for my "sumo size").

-- Mad Monk (, July 21, 1999.

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