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Some time back someone mentioned disposing of dog poop in a shallow hole, then adding some type of enzime in with the poop. It was said to rapidly decompose with very little smell. The question I have is does anyone know what this enzime is and where I can get some? This seems like a great way to get rid of canine waste and if the toilets don't work come January 1st, we caould probably use it for human waste.

-- rick (I', July 19, 1999


Sounds like you are looking for "Super Dooley Digester": Non-toxic, harmless, powder. Each tablespoon contains bacterial and enzyme cultures that double every 20 to 30 minutes to reduce dog waste to ground absorbing liquid. Will not work in temperatures below 40 degrees F. Jeffers Pet Catalog, 1-800-JEFFERS - Item #HU-E1-51, 1 lb. $6.39 or 3 # =$13.75, 5# = $19.95". Happy dooling!


Good luck!

-- Kristi (, July 19, 1999.

Lime works good to and it's cheep. You can get a big bag at your local gardening store. OR you can make a GI toilet (military GI not Y2K) and use that.

GI toilet: build a bench with a hole to sit on, cut a 55 gal steel drum down so it will slide under the bench. when the drum is half full, pull it out and dump 2-3 gal of diesel in it and light it on fire (DO NOT STAND DOWN WIND) Your neighbors may not like this idea.

Problem is fuel may be in short supply. I would stick with lime in a hole. dig as deep as you can, 8" round 2' deep. Don't fill it more than half way, dump in some lime, mix it, and cover with dirt. be sure to stay as far away from your well, or water source as you can as this will contaminate ground water.

-- DOC (LOL@_._), July 19, 1999.

I know I've posted this before, butt, here it is again, it will work for dogs too.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), July 19, 1999.

Wood ashes will work. We used to use them and probably will again the way it looks. Keep them dry till you use 'em. They will work in the garden as well when lime isn't available.

-- Lumber Jack (, July 20, 1999.

But CT, will it work for trolls and terminal Pollys?

-- Will continue (, July 20, 1999.

Will continue,

Yes, you can compost any kind of manure and it will be good for your garden.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), July 21, 1999.

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