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-- Stephane (, July 19, 1999


SVCD Still Dominates China's VCD Player Market

China's VCD player market will be dominated by SVCD as DVD development is slow and common VCD will gradually be squeezed out of the market.

The sales of VCD players reached 14.5 million sets in 1998, up 30 percent over 1997. China can produce 16.5 million sets of VCD players a year. By the end of 1998, SVCD seized 58 percent of the market shares and the market shares of common VCD fell to 40 percent. In March this year, *the market shares of SVCD rose to 75 percent* and that of VCD shrank to 23 percent.

It is predicted that the market demand for SVCD will be 16 million sets, of which 85 percent will be SVCD, eight to nine percent will be VCD and six to seven percent will be DVD.

Statistics showed that China had more than 400 VCD enterprises in 1997 and more than 100 were left at the end of 1998. At present over 90 percent of the market are dominated by 20 enterprises.


If all the above information is true, and coupled with the fact that all future DVD players both in the West and in the Far East will be SVCD compatible, contrary to what some critics in this forum have said, SVCD looks set for explosive growth.

Sethsolo Towards a DVD/SVCD future

-- Sethsolo (, July 22, 1999.

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