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Where can I get a Sarong?

-- Nicole E. Quigley (, July 19, 1999


Nicole -- when I lived in Hawaii, I used to find sarongs being sold all over the place (swap meets, sidewalks, etc.). Now that I live in the Bay Area, I discovered sarongs being sold all over the place too! (swap meets, sidewalks). Your best bet is to check with a women's swimsuit store. Your second bet would be to check the various mail-order catalogs that sell women's swimsuits. These make a great pool-side cover-up and are often sold in places that sell bathing suits. Happy shopping, and happy travels! -- Lani

-- Baglady Lani (, July 21, 1999.

In spring and summer, I find sarongs in Cost Plus import stores. They show up in various batik prints, ranging from the extremely bright to the ... less extremely bright. Unfortunately I've only seem them in rayon, and we all know what happens to rayon when you pack it ...

-- Susan C. Mitchell (, December 28, 2000.

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