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I have tried to get to the latest GAO report on the GAO web site but it errors out. Does anyone know of a mirrored GAO site I could get it from?? I would realy like to read this. It covers the readiness of the 21 largest cities in the US. from what I've read, only 2 are claming to be ready.


-- DOC (Hoping For@The, July 19, 1999


It appears that the document is "not compliant" (;-0. Tried several times (1:30PM EST)- it loads, but does not appear. When I download on HD, Acrobat states the doc. has an error.

-- dw (, July 19, 1999.

I thought it might be my old reader, so I upgraded to 4.0.

No, it's the file.

-- nothere nothere (, July 19, 1999.

I just downloaded the entire Senate Subcommittee Report of last Friday, including the full GAO Report from:

However, I was linked there through this board. The entire procedings, from the amount which I have read during lunch hour, is not glowingly optimistic. It is interesting that Bennett and Dodd open with their real concerns. That's progress, of a sort anyway.

Are the DGIs-Pollys listening? I don't think so! Not from what I've been hearing. Sad...

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 19, 1999.

Thanks for the info Elaine. I'm afraid the pollys have been forced to resort to personal attacks and attempts to proove GIs are mentally unstable.....just too many indisputable facts for them to attempt to debunk these days. It's a pitiful floundering sight to behold.

Attack, lay eggs......retreat. The Polly/troll circle of life. Attack, lay eggs......retreat. However, they're shootin' blanks, it will result in the end of their species.

-- Will continue (, July 19, 1999.

Here's a link to that July 15 hearing, including a draft of Senator Lugar's comments on the GAO survey:

-- Mac (
sneak@lurk.hid), July 19, 1999.

Try again: "State and Local Government Preparedness for the Year 2000"

For want of a close quote, a link was lost. For want of a link...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), July 19, 1999.

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