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Dear Sir, I purchased a VCD of Panasonic Model.No FZ-1.I know that it is a old model.I am from Pakistan.I want to take it to Pakistan where we have PAL- B System. My question is whether it will work there or otherwise. Secondly,What does it mean 3DO? Why it is not playing a VCD ? I have no controller of it. Where can I buy it? Can I play VCD without Controller,by means of ACCESSwhich it automatically does,when VCD is inserted in it? I have asked the questions because I have no controller of this model and I want to enjoy. Please help me in getting the controller by any means?

-- Arif Noor (, July 19, 1999


First...this is a forum. there are no sirs or madams. We all read the threads and take a crack at it. Most VCD players excluding first generation and some second generation(and on rare occasion third) can be played on any system. The only problem is electrical current. Some players only have 220w but a lot have auto sensing 110w and 220w connectors. 3DO is a game system made in the mid 1990's. And by reading the rest of your DO NOT HAVE A VIDEO CD PLAYER...YOU HAVE A 3DO SYSTEM. This unit is stuck in the mode it was programmed in. If you bought in Pakistan then it is PAL but if purchased in America it is NTSC and no it can not be moved from place to place. Also you need a cartridge for it...QUESS WHAT? THEY NEVER MADE ANY. A few test units went out but those quickly failed. You will never find a Video CD Cartridge for this unit.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 20, 1999.

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