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7 p.m., at the "Great American History Center" (Name is CLOSE to that, anyway) in St. Paul. Koskin'em will be there too. Simulcast on Minnesota Public Radio.

-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999



If you go, could you report attendance?

Saw announcement on page 3 or 4 of St. Paul PP. Doubt many will show up, but would be interested as data on current level of interest.

-- Jon Johnson (, July 19, 1999.

Make up your mind doomer - is the meeting in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

If you can't get it right, why bother to post? You just push yet another meaningful subject off the bottom of the list for no good reason!

I bet Kennedy's plane crashed because of the JoAnn effect right!

-- (a@aaaa.hole), July 19, 1999.

I'll see what I can do. I hesitate to go, mainly because I have this recurring dream in which my hands are, ever so S L O W L Y, choking the life out of Koskin'em. I'd hate to lose control, and get arrested.

See the headline? "Screaming wild-eyed Y2K Doomer attacks President's Y2K czar".... (And I HAVE been known to get LOUD, from time to time!)


-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, a.k.a. "the Twin Cities". Same place. If you're not FROM here, what the hell do YOU care where it is? Jackass.

-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999.

I AM from here you moron! I live in MPLS and work in Bloomington.

Regardless Doomer - if you can't get it right - DON'T POST!

-- (a@aaaa.hole), July 19, 1999.

Probably is the new, big, beautiful, paid-for-with-our-tax-dollars, Minnesota History Center. The building is right on 35E as it passes downtown ST. PAUL. Directly across the highway from the state capital.

-- rick (I', July 19, 1999.

Thanks Rick I think I will be there.

-- (a@aaaa.hole), July 19, 1999.

Hey --,

You said you work in Blmgtn. Near the MoA(aka: camp snoopy)? I do.

Are you gonna go see ko skin em in person, or just npr it?

-- CygnusXI (, July 19, 1999.

Will be held at the "Great American History Theater". Ph 651-292- 4323. Box office is only open tomorrow 12-5.

And I'll post where I please, and if you don't like it, well, "you can kiss my furry little butt".

-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999.

Jeez. *I* work in Bloomington. Maybe I can make a date with aaaaaa- hole (good name for him, IMO) and we can beat the crap out of each other. Works for me.

-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999.

I work so close to MOA I could throw a rock and hit it.

I have to check with the Warden to find out what our schedule is tonight. Need more information about time and ticket prices etc.

I'm no polly but I'm not a doomer either. Still want to see what people have to say but I weigh their statements by the evidence they produce. If their evidence is more than 6mo. old, I toss it in the dumpster. If their evidence is the old "friend of a friend's wife's cousin's next door neighbor" stuff I deep six it immediately.

-- (a@aaaa.hole), July 19, 1999.

I will attend the meeting and post anything interesting that is discussed.

aaaaa@hole--you really are one. Why are you so antagonistic towards concerned "doomers"? In my opinion, maybe you are a little worried they may be right.

I am not a doomer--I believe we will be pretty much over the effects of this in a year. However; it behooves me to be prepared for the possible glitch related outcomes. This doesnt make me a doomer--it shows I am prudent.

Anyway--I will post following the Wed nite meeting.

I called and signed up to attend this meeting. Talked to Jodi Ellwood at 651-266-8528. She stated that it was to be held in The Great American History Theatre in the old Science Museum located at Cedar St. and East 10th St. Times 7-8:30 Wed nite July 21, 1999.

-- incredulous (, July 19, 1999.

There was an article on this meeting in the Sunday 7/18/1999 Pioneer Press (St. Paul newspaper). (2 new articles just posted to my site)

-- Minnesotasmith (, July 19, 1999.

Hey, I am just following the lead of your Super_Swamp_Hero "a" - what more could you want? After all "a" is anything but kind to those who have a _less than 10_ attitude here. I have been inspired!

Actually I'm not a bad guy at all. I just hate putting up with people who are trying to JAM their opinions down other's throats.

I do have a problem with worthwhile threads being pushed off the bottom of this list when the poster of the new Question has not fully researched the topic he or she is posting.

Heck I might even split a pot of coffee with the members of the group here - even a cheddar head (loving term for our eastern bretheren here in MN) like Olson!

Okay, back to work ALL of ya!

-- (a@aaaa.hole), July 19, 1999.

aaaaaa-hole, and any other "locals". Email me. My address is real (I'll get it tonite). Maybe all us locals can go as a group.

Oh, and PACKERS RULE! (we wuz robbed last season. Vikes got REAL LUCKY)

-- Dennis (, July 19, 1999.

Good idea Dennis, I'll e-mail you. BTW my e-mail address is real too (I could've choose between "noburnt" or "yourall". Well...I thought it was funny:)). Just gotta go, to change my doomer heart.

-- CygnusXI (, July 19, 1999.

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