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OK, first hello, well, does anybody know something about CDGraphics Cd format, can a PC read it?, because I had one once and my PC read it as an audio CD (no video output), is there any program to play back CDGraphics ('cause I'm interested in KARAOKE and there is a lot of material in CDGraphics ...) Can they be copied? How??

-- Diego Esteban Perez (, July 19, 1999


No PC can not read CD+G discs. You need a stand-alone player that supports it. Yes it can be copied but why? Are you planning to sell the copies? Try a search for Cd+G but hey a cheap Video game system like Sega Saturn($35.00 used in the US) will do the job just fine.

-- The Lone ranger (, July 20, 1999.

I just downloaded a free player from that plays CD+G's the window is pretty small but it works. As far as copying (backing up) CD+G's. I use Discjuggler from Padus. I believe it was @

Good luck, Tomotacus

-- Tom Warmuth (, June 05, 2001.

Yes. It's tricky and you have to get set up just right, but it isn't that difficult. The link below will tell you more than you ever wantet to know about how it works, what hardware is needed, and where to get different software.

If you just want to copy them, cdrwin by Goldenhawk will read them from the disk, and Nero by Ahead will burn them. Plextor probably makes the most well known drive able to burn the disk but there are several others now including some low price offerings from Sony that will do a direct disk to disk copy of CD+G's Check the URL below. They have all the answers up on line and poiners to where you can get the software. lot's of it is free.

-- R Heard (, December 02, 2001.

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