Y2K Town Meeting with James Duncan (knox. Tn.)

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Did anyone catch this program today? It was on a Local Knoxville station this morning & panelists were Cathy Moyer/ Cassandra Project, Martin Weis/Year 2000 Alert, Tim Wilson/Y2k Magazine, Dave Spannbaur,(not sure of spelling)/General Services Admin.,Mort Downey/Dept of transportation. I missed the first half of the program, which was about banking industry, power & communications. There were several other panelists, probably representing banking etc.,but I didn't get their names. However, I heard enough to let me know it was excellent coverage of Y2K & not much spin. Tim Wilson said American Red Cross & Fema were questioned about why they are telling people to stock up for a just a week & the answer was "That is the approx.time it would take for Fema or Red Cross to get there to assist. Mr. Wilson said he wasn't going to be in any Fema shelter. Martin Weiss said Y2k is going to cause terrible economic problems, & any one in the stock market should get out now. He suggested US Treasury Bills or T Bill Money Fund. When discussing the medical field, he said pharmaceuticals are really behind, & named Pfeisers specifically. Also, guns & ammo was discussed. I think it was Tim Wilson, that said we may not want to think about it, but people are buying guns & ammo in preparation for Y2k. One of the panelists also stated, that if you are the only one on your street with lights, because you have a generator, the only way you wouldn't have everyone at your house,was if you had a AK47. Cathy Moyer spoke more about community awareness. She said one concern is if nothing happens within a couple days of the roll over, & people begin to relax, there could be chaos, because 50% of the problems will probably occur after Jan.1st. I was hoping they would give info at the end about transcripts or videos of the program, but they didn't. Did anyone else see this?

-- Carol Ann (JCclass69@aol.com), July 18, 1999


Carol: I didn't see the program but what you stated as being said, especially about generators and guns is something for people to think about. Guns and ammo are a must whereas a generator requires the storage of fuel and parts. Generators are loud and would attract more attention to your house than you would care to have. But people who have wells as their main source of water will have to deal with thieves and having enough fuel to keep the water flowing. There are definately more DGIs and these are the ones we all are going to have to deal with. I hope you all have a plan of action.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), July 18, 1999.

Carol Ann,

I taped the program that aired this morning. The tape is being passed around amongst family and friends as this very minute.

It was most impressive that so many of the White House Y2K Council members were present in Knoxville. Representative Jimmy Duncan must have twisted some arms :-)

The one thing that you might have missed at the beginning of the program was a question from the audience panel members to indicate whether they were stockpiling food, water, and cash. It looked as if ALL the hands were raised!!

IMHO that speaks volumes.


-- Dusty (dusstmopp@aol.com), July 18, 1999.

Dusty, that tape you've got is most valuable you know. Any statement or info coming directly from the horse's mouth (White House Y2K Council members) is priceless. Everybody would benefit by knowing their personal attitude towards Y2K.

Dusty, I wonder if you would be so kind as to draft out a rough summary of that tape. Maybe friends or others could help you out. The names and the specific role or position of whoever is quoted in the script is essential. By participating in a TV program these people have "gone public" so what we would all need now is for everybody to benefit and not just the lucky few (like you and your folks) who got to see it. Dusty, many journalists both from here and abroad lurk this forum 24 hours a day sometimes, and they would certainly go into it in depth while reporting it in other mass media.

Thanks in advance guy and, by the way, what we all need is not necessarily a word by word script. A summary of the gist and flow is enough, with quotes of key statements.

-- George (jvilches@sminter.com.ar), July 19, 1999.

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