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Our newspaper printed an AP story Saturday about a Georgia Y2K Task Force's first report. See

If you're interested in Fire, Water, Sewer, Police, 911 systems, Hospitals in Georgia, the place to find the lists is the bottom of the LEFT column, "Approved Surveys" in the above www location. For a shortened version, see: "Risk assessment Reports" just above the "Approved Surveys."

I've been getting very positive reports of "All is well, why dare you even ask" from our City, Country and Hospital ...I really wanted to believe that perhaps it was true, but I have been preparing for Y2K anyway. From these Task Force reports, we have a number of really low marks (See "Scoring Criteria" for an explanation of the "Green, Yellow or Red" "grades"...the grades are at the bottom of the "Approved Surveys" and are the same as the "Risk Assessment Reports"...but both are really interesting.)

Part of the news article said, "The report was based on surveys mailed to nearly 8,000 organizations, but nearly 40 percent did not respond. They will receive follow-up letters and telephone calls and perhaps public pressure because their names are being posted on the task force's web site." Sounds like they WANT us to give pressure!

This is the "proof" for what we've been assuming all along...although some of the "Green" or "most ready" reports may turn out to be not so "Green"...hum-m-m.


-- Jen (, July 18, 1999


"Y2K: Prepare early for a week of woes - State says you should put aside water, food and a little cash"

-- Linkmeister (, July 18, 1999.

This report doesn't make sense. I'm reading it from the front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Public and private service providers were scored "not ready" if they did not respond to the survey at all. The text says that only a third of the police, fire and 911 units returned the surveys.

This would mean at least 66% of these units would be scored "not ready," even if ALL the respondents happened (by some miracle) to be compliant. The report then states 20.8% percent of 911 services are not ready; 40% of police are not ready; and fire services are not mentioned.

So which is it? Are 20.8% or 66% of 911 services NOT READY? Or doesn't the state of Georgia notice the discrepancy in their own statements?

-- Jill D. (, July 18, 1999.

Here's a link to the chart of just the 911 units. It does seem a bit confusing. I see green, yellow and red ones that are to be ready after 9/30/99.

Nothing on these charts would make me think preparations for a good long time are a bad idea.

-- Linda (, July 19, 1999.

I live in Georgia. I really don't care whather the percentage of statewide compliance or readiness is 21 or 79 or whatever. If in my neighborhood either 911, or police, or fire services, or any combination thereof, turn out to be non-functional, I've got a problem. I have gotten very wet on a day when the weather service said there is a 10% chance of a shower.

In the context of Y2K, it can hardly be said that "no news is good news."

-- Tom Carey (, July 19, 1999.

Tom, I understand your note, however, these reports ARE from your "neighborhood" - you can look up your city's water, sewer, hospital etc. and at least read what they are reporting. I'm amazed at some of the apparent honesty (like when they say "no, we are not planning on a way to handle sewage if there should be a problem" (gulp!) Of course we won't know 'til the day comes as to just how honest or complete some of the answers are...but it's a start. They plan to have two other reporting periods before the "big day."

-- Jen (, July 19, 1999.

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