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How about one of those threads where we share some of what we are currently up to with preps? For us over past week:

... arranged to get 10 turkeys, 50 meat chickens, 2 milk-goats and a piglet over next four weeks to join laying chickens and geese. Have done turkeys and goats before. Need to build some pens for same. Probably won't slaughter these ourselves but will do it with a friend.

... garden going great. Planting late summer and fall crops. Resorted and storing seeds for next year as well as long-term. Researching remaining purchases for greenhouse and season extension work. Pickling cornichons (that was just for fun). Staking tomatoes. Weeding. Have to repair frustrating gas pump that pumps water from creek (fortunately not required at present).

... finishing research on final comm purchases and security aspects.

... picked up 75 awesome books for $7.50 at church book sale (complete Dickens and Shakespeare in hard-cover and assorted other good stuff).

... received PRI-D and PRI-G for diesel and gas in storage.

... picked up needed gun case and scoped out scopes some more for subsequent decision-making. Arranged for some shooting training over coming month from friend to turn me into big-game hunter.

All lots of fun, actually.

... attended workshop on building farm tools the way it used to be done in 19th century. Fascinating (see separate thread).

And watched the final round of the British Open on the telly.

-- BigDog (, July 18, 1999


Forgot something cool. Ms. Big Dog went on an herb walk (she's already pretty savvy) and brought home a bunch of St. John's Wort. What do you know? We immediately discovered we've been growing a cash crop of it on our own land, including right in our salad garden. That was a kick. Anyway, she chopped it right up, put in some vodka (the secret ingredient, I understand) and we'll now "age it" for six weeks.

Looks like I'll be pretty cheerful next year. Now, if we can only figure out how to distill our own vodka, we've got yet another barter business to run .....

-- BigDog (, July 18, 1999.


-- Retroman (, July 18, 1999.

We can't prepare for a 10 but have taken I think some pretty important steps for something less.

-Sold our condo in a not so great area, with only a $2000 loss; (trust me, could have been ALOT worse). -Found an apartment in a country area, 4 unit house, 150' from a river. -Got a job involving testing software in the life/health industry, with a $2000 sign on bonus, next door to my wife's office. -May have some GI friends, a young couple, moving below us in October when they get married. -Have 45 days of easy prepare food aside with chemical heat packs. Will be getting a few months of freeze-dried soon. -Have made the most of other preparations, months ago. Good library of essential books, water filters. Heat is a big concern. We have an efficient kero heater but our place has no storage and nowhere to put some kerosene except inside. -Stocking up on cigarettes. Two of the neighbors smoke like crazy. -Wife had accident that totaled our Saturn; got a good deal on a Cherokee with a roof rack. Got out of all debt at the same time. -Rent and bills paid 1 month in advance. -Trying to find EMT class available. Trying to get a job with local municipalities. -Trying to convince all of our GI friends to really start buying needed items.

I think alot of people give Y2K lip service but don't make any preparations. It's alot to think about and one must make the time. We had a talk with some relatives. First they thought, after listening to some tapes, they should prepare for 6 months. Then they found out what it would cost to buy staples and decided on 3 months. Then they didn't have the time for that so they figured 1 month. But one month of water for 6 people is quite a bit without a well, so now we are down to a long weekend. Problem is, they have not been able to find the time to prepare for a long weekend for the last 4 months.

-- Retroman (, July 18, 1999.

This week: Got another 14 free water barrels for folks in our apt. complex. Garden going great. Second planting in my square foot garden; some volunteer arugula from the ones we grew for seed. Behind on the next garden area, alas. My son has moved out from the Northeast to be here with us for y2k.

Need to address; better locks, get gas for the cans, get that second garden in, found a lot of tools that need repair in the garden shed. Also need to get more manure.

As organizers, now figure we( my husband and I) reach approx 1200 people through our various community contacts plus another 2500 through other organizers in our group. Have had a lot ofsuccess reaching our aunt's retirement and nursing home, also church groups.

-- seraphima (, July 18, 1999.

This thread is a great idea! I'm a newbie, not to the reality but to the gettin off my arse & startin to prep. Part of the problem has been I have no community to share with and we only recently got the computer.My wife's not as worried as I, so I've had little motivation. Feelin' like a real dope about it now. Anyways, this looks like a thread that'll keep me moving. Thank you. We finally made a big decision about heat. We have only oil heat. We bought a yurt from Shelter Systems of CA, big enough to bring in our 2 mothers, we can have a wood stove in it. We got a used one last week and i'm gettin slabwood delivered this week. We didn't want it right in plain view so I spent this 90-100 degree weekend clearing very thick brush to give us some added privacy. It's rural here, but I don't want to advertise my business just the same. So the yurt will be partially out of sight and I'll cover the top of it with camo. I also bought a .22 and started to learn to use it this weekend. Getting an order out to Northern Tool next week for supplies such as lanterns, crank radio,tarps , tie downs, machete,etc. waiting for our hand pump to come in so i can hook it up to an unused dug well we have. Am I crazy, but I also want to build a 3 sided wall to be out of sight while pumping water. My people all think I'm going overboard, but i don't think so. Lots more to do, I wont have everything ready the way I think i'll need to ...but we'll have a lot. I wish i'd started earlier, Oh Well....thanks again to you all.

-- Bob (, July 18, 1999.

We got the process running for our twenty-seven acre mountaintop retreat. Already had to amend our plans to add a two-car garage with an in-law apratment on top. We found out that deed restrictions prohibit mobile homes, so that prompted the apartment/garage. That was Friday night.

Tonight we ran our church's second Y2K seminar with a turn-out of about three dozen folks. Slightly more than three percent of the local population. Not many people but a reporter in attendance said it was six times more people that were at a meeting thirty miles away where the population is fifty times as large. We also found that some people had driven thirty or more miles to be here. We were also asked to do a third meeting, with emphasis on "how-to" projects for Y2K.

Gotta do the weekly canned goods by the case shopping bit tomorrow after work. This week's target: cream of chicken soup.


-- Wildweasel (, July 18, 1999.

Ran into a great sale at Safeway (Pacific NW), 4 cans of beans, corn, potatoes - 4 for 88cents! Stocked up well on those. Also bought some pricy spices (orange peel, lemon peel, mustard seeds, bay leaf, etc). I have the basics covered, now am working on tools, and gardening starts for next year (ran into a good sale at Wally World, starter peat pots with peat tablets - $1.00 ea and Bulb tool - $1.00 ea to plant the little guys when they are ready, pot and all. Looking for sales mostly, but I have a list of specialized items yet to get.

I have about 55 gals of water stored and capacity for 350 gals, I thought I should wait until the first part of September to fill all remaining containers, anyone have any ideas?

Also am using the time to wash everything in sight, clean all nooks and crannies, and make sure the shop and garage are in order. All fuels are filled (oil, gas, kero). I get paranoid thinking that there might be something important I have overlooked, therefore read extensively on survival subjects and independant living. Anyway, that was enough for one weekend, start jury duty tomorrow ;-)

-- Sammie (, July 18, 1999.

Took second job to help pay for preps.

Made appointment with my eye doctor to get another set of updated glasses. Dentist to get those choppers checked.

Been working on my solar food dehydrator. The cabinet stands 4 feet high and three feet wide and deep. Holds 8 large trays. The collector is another 5 or so feet on the side. It is quite complex for an old gal like me. Another day and it should be completed.

Topped off the battery bank. Had fuel tanks finaly installed and filled earlier this week. Electrician finaly installed cut off box to water pump so can safely use my generator.

Trying to get the big building and systems projects out of the way now so that I am sure I have all the supplies to complete them. Don't want to be caught without some critical part because the darned thing sat in a box till it was too late.

Currently sitting with heating pad on back. Isn't aging wonderful.

-- marsh (, July 19, 1999.

Went to Sam's and got a years worth of laundry and dish soap and then without another thought re y2k we bought a new $800 TV. When we got home, I thought..."we have lost our minds". Didn't even ask if y2k compliant. LOL Old habits die hard I guess. Bought extra fertilizer and some garden seeds which I have enuff of for a small town. But I can get large amounts for $.69 per pak at the local farm store. And they are fresh...not old seeds. Am starting to pick up a few of the things off my "last minute list". Wondering when "last minute" is going to be upon me. If someone on this forum doesn't alert me, I won't know. Am sort of a recluse out here in the woods.


-- Taz (, July 19, 1999.

Thought about starting to cut wood (8 foot lengths) received last week but was to lazy to start.

Went to auction last week and wood stove (very nice, but to big for me) went for $100.00. Went to another this last Sat, and got Gas stove/oven for $2.00. Backup for my wood furnace heating/cooking, already on propane with an old stove hook-up in basement.

Received Potassium Iodate (just in case) in less than a week after ordering from (or .org - cant remember).

Put 2 new windows in, got a puppy for kids and maybe "sentry" duty.

Checked Y2K information I left at church 3 weeks ago for people to take/have --- still nothing gone.

Read the Drudge link to about "Big Bang machine could destroy Earth" so I wouldn't become to optimistic due to 2 of 20 cities being "ready" for Y2K (OMB).

-- Jon Johnson (, July 19, 1999.

I bought 50lb of sugar, 2 boxes of soda ash, (for the great laudry soap recipe I got off this board), Crisco, and vegetable oil. Wal-Mart had paper notebooks for 19 cents apiece. I got of lot of those and some pencils. Went to the local discount bakery and purchased some more cheese powder and gravy mix. Checked out the used book store and Goodwill store. Plan on going to Sam's sometime this week to get more flour, pasta,dry milk and instant potatoes. I have noticed that prices have really gone up on a lot of food items since I have been preparing. It will be intresting to see the price of food this time next year! I can't see anyone not preparing for that if not for y2k.

-- Carol (, July 19, 1999.

No guys actually have time to read the forum AND reply...we all can relate to that at one time or another! :-)

Day started at 6 a.m., yesterday wasn't over till about 2 a.m.; finally getting a coffee break at 9 a.m. Need to hit a higher gear at this ok, best thing I did in the last couple of days will have to do at this point: Got my goats (7) Saturday, and that has pretty much taken up the last couple of days...but the best thing was making my first bread, supper and drinking the milk; this was also the reason I was up so late last night...seems I couldn't stop baking till the last drop was gone!

Oh Marsh, don't we know it! :-)

-- Lilly (, July 19, 1999.

Hi All!

Re: British Open-Watched also,man did he(Van de Velde)choke or what? I mean, all he had to do was lay-up on the last hole in regulation play. Tell me this game ain't mental!

Current status on preps:


-over 800 cans of veggies. -over 350 cans of meat varieties. -over 300 cans of fruits. -100 lbs. of flour. -50 lbs. of corn meal. -50 lbs. of sugar. -year's supply of rice. -year's supply of pasta goods.


-Wood stove installed and checked. -10 cords of hardwoods split and stacked. -3-80lb. propane tanks. -5-20lb. propane tanks. -30-1lb. propane tanks. -3-coleman stoves. -72 cans sterno fuel w/stove. -1-kerosene heater. -55 gals. of kerosene. -6-kerosene lanterns. -8-coleman lanterns-4-fuel models/4-propane models -50-gals. coleman fuel. -100 lbs. charcoal. -10 cans charcoal starter fluid.


-Big berkey water filter/purifier. -6-water barrels. -2-rain barrels. -2-pocket Pur filters-bug-out packs. -30 gals. of bleach. -20 bottles of purification tablets. -50-1 gal. size mineral water.

Shelter/Bug-Out Options:

-Large brick home located outside of small mountain town-very rural. -RV loaded up with a 1 month supply of food and essentials. -Bug-Out options include at least three destinations,all of which are located in remote wildlife management areas. -Each member of family has own bug-out bag which includes a personal survival tent as well as all of the needed survival gear.

The list could go on but I got some stuff to do outside before it gets too hot. Still working on enlarging the existing root cellar,establish more food / weapons caches,green beans ready to pick again,gotta go get some more canning lids/rings,need more IMR 4831 re-loading powder and primers.

Boy!,I wish I had started earlier,too! Take care all!

-- Ex-Marine (Digging, July 19, 1999.


Now I know how the pollys will feel next January ---- wow!

Jealousy/coveting is sometimes hard to deal with --- maybe if I get some more canned foods on the way home -----------------------

-- Jon Johnson (, July 19, 1999.

Jon -- Yes, LOL. I had the same experience about ex-Marine's post above and we have been prepping for 18 months! Only five-plus months to go and still lots to do. Get going, guys!

-- BigDog (, July 19, 1999.

Watched the Open and thought, "Heck, even I could make double bogey at number 18 at Carnoustie." What a collapse.

Picked, shelled and put away (ate some, too) purple hull peas. Nothing better. Cut and cleaned the garden in prep for Fall stuff.

Set up my new composte thingie.

Bought two packages of JB Weld. Am told (and Paul Harvey says) stuff is unbelievably useful. Will get some more; more duct tape, too.

Keep prepping, folks. It's gonna' get interesting soon.

-- Vic (, July 19, 1999.

WOW!!! After reading ex-marine I feel inadequate.

We've been working on the retreat since we broke land on April 1, 1998. Every weekend, and every spare "holiday". So this last weekend with only the shower stall and baseboards to finish, we took a break and moved boulders and arranged them as a barrier to the raod in front of the house.

The gravity water system is working great as well as the propane water heater and stove. We've assembled four months of preps now and are continuing. How long? Until we run out of time/cash. Every time we leave the big city and head for the retreat , it becomes more difficult to return

We're also looking at securing employment closer to home. (retreat) Oh, also changed address to reflect new "permanent" residence, just in case we're caught , in the city and need to get "home".

Comutted (sic) to work from retreat this am. Left at 5:45 and within 1/2 mile of property saw three deer and ont black bear.

Thanks to all for your info/ideas.

-- (, July 19, 1999.

Neil-- to qualm your feelings of inadequacy after reading ex-marine's preps, maybe I can make you feel better. I only GI about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far I have been able to buy about $200.00 of extra groceries (canned goods, pasta, ramen -- wait ramen is pasta too, right?, oatmeal). Also got a couple oil lamps and some oil. But not as muc as I'd like. This paycheck is gone. Next round of prep buying in two weeks.

There, that's gotta make a lot of you all feel better prepared.

(Hey Taz-- a TV? LOL. You wanna adopt me? ;-)

Oh, yeah, watched part of the final round of the British Open, too.

-- winter wondering (, July 19, 1999.

hey ex-marine- so what's your address?? :)

-- farmer (, July 19, 1999.

l l/2 year food storage in. Kadalyn water filter obtained. Three 55 gal and 18 5 gal water containers, 55 gal. ones need to be filled soon. Woodstove in and wood for 1 year stored. Three wheel bicycle with large basket between back wheels to ride to lake for water when need obtained. Two wheel bicycle also obtained. Compost toilet ready to put together, location decided. Non-hybrid seeds enough for whole neighborhood obtained. Garden supplies obtained. Lime obtained. Need to get two new large fire extinguishers to suppliment present older ones. Plans developing for items to put in bug out bag. Red Cross emergency packs and 3 day food bar purchased for both cars. Need to continue firearm practice. Need to get epoxy type glue to round out glue selection. Stored plenty of masking tape and garbages bags (can make almost anything with them from rain gear to tents) Plywood to cover any broken windows obtained. Barter items obtained; need to obtain more. Need to purchase more large cans of peanuts (fat source, good with vegetarian dishes); also more peanut butter (comfort food, fat source). Need to purchase another 50 lb bag dog food for 5 1/2 lb. yorkie. Have appointment scheduled for dentist. Need to pick up new glasses tomorrow. Will use old ones as backup. Medicine stockpiling going well by cutting back dosages a bit. Spiritual reading material purchased. Solar lighting, 1 year of candles obtained. Three ways to cook (wood stove, propane stove, butane cylinder stove). Small propane refrigerator and fuel purchased.

Began preparing in earnest 8/98. It takes a lot of emotional stability, time and thought. Finishing up preparations, seeing light at the end of the least for a moment.

-- leslie (***@***.net), July 19, 1999.

Ho-hum, time for a nap--you people have worn me out! Then, I'll get back to prepping. Must be getting old!

-- sue (, July 20, 1999.

Since January we purchased a 5000 BTU generator,a power inverter,propane gas stove for the first floor, coal stove for the basement, also a small wood burner just in case. Bought a old coal- wood stove/oven(the kind the amish use) at an estate auction for 350, a beautiful piece at a deal!! Have a 10 thousand gallon pool behind the house filled, a lake filled with fish just 400 yards from the house. Bought (10) 7 gallon containers for fresh water. Have my garden going great, planted Organic seeds in May.

Working on painting my basement floor, and cleaning up so we can have this as an extra retreat. Bought gas masks and Iodine tablets last year ( everyone laughed at me) Been canning like mad, canned candied carrots (21 jars) been doing various beans with the pressure coooker. Have about 5 months food supply. Using up everything in my freezer to make room for new- fresh preps. have 150 pounds of flour, 50pounds of sugar, and 60 pounds of rice. 20 pounds of pasta, but plan to use freezer to store more so I do not get bugs.

Working on having husband build shelves in the basement so i can make a library from all the boxes of books and magazines I have collected through the years. Asked my one doctor for extra perscription, he laughed at me and made fun of my concern. Will look for new doctor!! Selling auction items over the net, and making money!

I am sure I need more but feel comfortable with my preps so far.

If anyone wants to correspond privately about preps,feel free maybe we can get ideas from one another...

-- Cassandra Bello (, July 20, 1999.

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