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What can we store in the garage while keeping two cars in there and driving in and out? What will the exhaust hurt? For instance, we don't think we'll put water in there, but what about cans of food? I guess TP should go in the house. Any ideas? This is Florida and there is no basement. Thanks.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 18, 1999


The heat in your garage will cut the shelf life of your canned goods in half, but it won't hurt paper goods. If you buy the 24 pack of toilet paper (6 individually wrapped 4 packs) the rolls are doubly wrapped with plastic. That should keep out dirt, bugs, etc. If not, get some large cardboard boxes. Fill them with paper goods and tape them up really well.

-- Gayla (, July 18, 1999.

Sorry I dont have a good answer for you Mara but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of those "whirlygig" looking fans that I see on top of houses to keep the attic cool. Are those types allowed on the roof of a garage? I'm having some storage dilemmas too when it comes to placing any type of food in the garage with the typical 90degrees plus temperatures we get in the summer. If those things make enough of a difference (by dropping garage temp.) it would really help out.

ratt (handy-impaired mostly)

-- ratt (round@nd.round), July 18, 1999.

Ratt, those are called "wind turbines" and sell for about $20 at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

-- tee (, July 18, 1999.

Mara : I just left Florida for a new home and I would suggest something totally of the wall ,considering your situation. I had a garage in Tampa and and what I would do is first start keeping your cars outside so the neighbors get used to it. Then bring home blue polystyrene panels, they are used for insulation and figure just how many you need to cover the walls and ceiling. Apply liquid nail adhesive to the polystrene panels to stick them to the walls. And ceiling, but have popcorn ceiling so nails are better. You should be able to store quite alot then, and use your car and truck to keep others from coming in the garage and taking your stuff. Furie...

-- Furie (, July 19, 1999.

My in laws lived in Yuma, AZ, and several years ago they had their supplies stored in the garage. There it gets very hot. The jars and cans exploded and made a big mess. Lucia NO E-MAIL TO ME, PLEASE.

-- lucia foster (, July 20, 1999.

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