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We have a Tri-fuel generator (From Tool Crib HPS6000HE with Honda Engine /Home Power generator uses propane, nat. gas, or gasoline). Wondering what spare parts to get. Assuming proper maintenance, what typically breaks down first? (i.e. what spare parts will most likely be needed.)

-- David Cohen (, July 17, 1999


Hi David:

Try The Juice Page at...

Hope this helps.

-- Yan (no @, July 18, 1999.

David Cohen : You have quite a generator, you should consider extra spark plugs and air filters. I would also put in an engine protector oil like slick-50 or simliliar engine treatment... Because by using different fuels you'll be really testing the oil you will be using. Check with mechanics that have worked on these units for help also... They will know more to help you out... Furie...

-- Furie (, July 19, 1999.

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