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Anxiuosly awaiting tomorrow morning...CBS Sunday Morning News is supposed to air a Y2K segment. What I can't wait to see is if they preempt it for a "Kennedy Years" saga. Any takers on a bet?

-- Beans (, July 17, 1999


Money on Kennedy, 10 to 1.

-- Mommacares (, July 17, 1999.

I agree with you Momma.

Why? Because this story is just too bizarre. How many deaths in this family since the 1940's? I can't keep count. That's one reason for this extensive media coverage.

I also realized, at the end of the day today, that two other reasons for the extensive coverage today (beyond the fact that the television news media is at its best when covering stories AS they happen) included the perceived necessity of covering this story for two audiences:

The first audience includes people like me who attended JFK's funeral and remember the little boy in a blue coat with the flag and the salute. That audience also includes many older network correspondents (many of whom were on the air today) who most likely spent the day in shock.

The second audience is younger. They include the audience "People Magazine" must have thought it was representing when they put this young man on its cover, proclaiming him to be the hunk of the year.

Rightly or wrongly, I understand the media attention.

Plus--in the back of their minds--I'm sure they were all hoping that someone would be found alive. Now THAT would have been a story.


-- FM (, July 18, 1999.


The heirs of daddy war-bucks?

No comment.

-- Mike (, July 18, 1999.

Had it been anyone but a Kennedy, the headline would read "Plane with 3 Passengers Missing . . Inexperienced and Irresponsible Pilot Blamed"

I am so tired of hearing about the Kennedys being like royalty to us. They are not royalty. The media is having the equilalent to an orgy on this one. They are sticking to each other with all the syrup they are spewing.

The tradgedy was unfortunate. We all feel for the family. Let's leave it at that.

-- Daryl (, July 18, 1999.

You won the bet.

The ENTIRE show is about Kennedy.

Gotta go get more food.... (and ammo)

-- Dennis (, July 18, 1999.

What did you expect? Even on this forum, Kennedy's accident drew more posts than the CBS y2k segment. Imagine the balance of interest outside in the real world.

-- Flint (, July 18, 1999.

Here's the link to CBS feedback if you want to tell them to take an orgy time out.

-- Beans (, July 18, 1999.

F. As usual.

CBS this morning dedicated the whole show to the kennedy thing. in the first 5 seconds of the broadcast, they said no new evidence had been found. so why dedicate the whole show to it....


-- Superlurker (, July 18, 1999.

Yup. I watched the first TEN seconds of it, then moved on...

-- Dennis (, July 18, 1999.

Some people are confusing today's CBS show with that Y2K video which Y2KNEWSWIRE's been promoting.

This is what today's show was supposed to be about:

CBS News Sunday Morning, Sunday, July 18 at 9 AM ET/PT

COVER: AFTER MIDNIGHT Correspondent: Bob Orr Producer: Brian Healy Editor: German Bonefont

What are you doing to prepare for the Y2K computer bug? Nothing? Well Government and business is spending billions of dollars to convert their old computers to recognize the new century. So are cities and towns.

Sunday Morning travels to southern Oregon--to Jackson County--to see what people and government are doing in the Town of Ashland. Many people here have begun storing food, others are starting Y2K gardens.

Meantime, John Koskinen has been named by President Clinton to travel the country to spread the message to get ready for Y2K. We travel with Koskinen to Miami Florida and talk with him about what all Americans should do to get ready for the new Millenium. Bob Orr is our correspondent.

for more information: Will Reishman, Medford, Oregon 541-858-9065 Liza Christian , Ashland,Oregon 541-482-1667 Mike Freeman ,Ashland City Administrator 541-488-6002 Keith Woodley, Ashland Fire and Rescue Chief 541-482-2770 John Koskinen President's Y2K Conversion Council 202-456-7010

-- Cheryl (, July 18, 1999.

"Yup. I watched the first TEN seconds of it, then moved on..."

-- Dennis (, July 18, 1999.



You got it buddy!!

I don't want a King or Queen either, this is just another downed plane. Period. Wildweazel? My A-10 killer, got any input?

-- he aint nothin specail.. just a man (, July 18, 1999.

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