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The "More-with-Less Cookbook" by Doris Janzen Longacre.

It's filled to the brim with recipes using grains and legumes, and other basic storage-type foods. Recipes for fry breads, tortillas, chapatis, and crackers. Recipes for all sorts of bean dishes. Twenty pages of soups. Homemade mayo and salad dressings. Some canning recipes. Homemade soap recipes. Lots of tips and nutritional info. Over 300 pages total. Very much on-topic for y2k preps.

I'm not the author, the publisher, or a book seller. Bought the book at a yard sale (apparently, a DGI yard sale) for 50 cents, and was blown away by how useful it looks to be. It's still listed as available/in print on a net book site I checked.

-- L.B. (please no m@il.thanks), July 17, 1999


yes, it is definitely available. there is now a similar cookbook with more international recipes, called "Extending the Table".

-- jocelyne slough (, July 22, 1999.

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