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Hi champs. Please link to

Question for you gals:

(a) "As the clock ticks forward to Y2K, Sprint will provide additional updates on how we are meeting the challenge". Does this make you feel comfortable?

(b) How many million LOC does Sprint have to fix ? How many platforms, etc.? What is a safe error rate to assume (see six threads below "It can't be all that bad"- Flint). Do you still feel comfortable?

(c) Please note that Sprint cannot ensure adequate interdependence among telcos, nor compatibilities with local exchange carriers, etc., nor can Sprint be held liable for failures thereof. How does this affect transactions originated outside the US (think Russia, Brazil, China, Argentina, Indonesia, Japan...) (d) How many other 'Sprints' are out there in this world?

(e) How many other 'worse-than'Sprints' are out there in this world?

-- George (, July 17, 1999


Uh, George, you might think about checking the date before posting old information.

-- Up To Date GI (Beware@dgis.discreditus), July 17, 1999.

Up To Date GI, conceptually, (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) have nothing to do with the elapse of time and are as pertinent today as they were some months ago and will be as valid a year from now. Please read the hot link and you will surely understand. The subject matter at hand is how fault tolerant world-wide telecommunications are, resilience, single points of failure, node rigidity, etc. Marma and Anita are experts in this sort of analysis. Thanks for your input.

-- George (, July 17, 1999.

You tell them George! Don't they know that 10-month old information is just as valid today as it was then? Don't they know that Sprint has been sitting around with their collective thumbs up their collective @sses and NOTHING has been remediated in that time?

God, the polly's are all so stupid!

You tell them George!

-- Sprinter (sprinting@the.olympics), July 17, 1999.

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