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It was a good dinner meeting, we had 10 attendees. I brought a selection of preparedness supply catalogs for the group to browse through. We discussed a wide range of topics starting with food, moving to generators, firearms, martial law, alternate energy and bug out information. We are planning the next meeting for mid August


-- ExCop (, July 17, 1999


Say Ex-Cop,

You missed just a few details. We also talked about National Guard disobedience to Federal orders if martial law turns into tyranny, local police forces disobeying State officials to stay home and protect their families and communities, the fact that many Pollies to not seem to have a life, the fact that if students or teachers were armed the disturbed kids who shoot others would be stopped first (A situation urged by some libertarians), the fact that here in Mass, the home of the minutemen, the 2nd Amendment rights which the People posses are unduly restricted by State laws and regulations, the threat of gun confiscation pre-y2k and the stupidity of such, seeing that this would only leave guns in the hands of those who don't care about using them in a socially responsible way; the threat of nuclear war, or just nuetron bomb terrorism; iodine tablets to protect from radiation; canning; potential bank runs; whether Boston is as ready as claimed (skeptics we were); urband food and fuel riots; rolling brownout (are we having fun yet); and the necessity of community-wide contingency planning along with neighborhood preparation (but some said better to keep quiet about preps cause the neighbors will remain cluelelss); the near uselessness of the y2k community conversations the Feds are running; finding things like kettles that others had thrown away, thus saving the recipient prep dollars; and old cars.

Best one-liner: After hearing that people will need to work out buddy systems to get through all this, another said "That means we'll have to be able to shoot two people with one bullent." (Look any Pollies, get a sense of humor. No one hopes anything near like that will happen. But people in denial who refuse to prepare only make the possibility of social breakdown more possible. Don't only get a life - - get a gun. :)

-- Walter Skold (, July 17, 1999.

Yup Walter, good fun was had by all! ExCop modestly omits that we were slightly over 10 attendees - we were also entertained by the cutest (and most well-behaved) 6 month old GI!

-- Brooks (, July 17, 1999.

Could that little girl have been a spy??????

-- Walter Skold (, July 17, 1999.

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