Zodiac or Tangerine Trip?

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I'm going to start doing some big wall climbing starting with the South face on washington Column. after that i want to do Zodiac and Tangerine Trip. I'm going to do them all clean. is Zodiac or Tangerine Trip harder? What are they rated? Which should I do first and what should i take to do them clean? Thanks for all your help


-- Ben (Benbuilds@aol.com), July 16, 1999


P.S. Do i need a portaledge if not how should i break up the climb ( how many pitches per day )

-- Ben (Benbuilds@aol.com), July 17, 1999.

Check out the Rock & Ice clean aid registry for clean info on both routes:


It lists TT at C2 and Zodiac at C2+.

You'll definitely need a portaledge for these routes.

-- George Bell (gibell@geocities.com), July 20, 1999.

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