Lehman's Back Order Status?

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Does anyone know if the backorder situation at Lehman's has improved? Many y2k prep companies say that orders have slowed, so supplies are once again available. For example, I just received a shipment of improved design Aladdin mantles. If anyone has placed a recent order with Lehman's would you please indicate how long it took to get filled? Any backorders? At some point this summer? or fall? it will be too late to order and get delivery before the rollover.

-- Sure M. Worried (SureMWorried@bout.y2k.coming), July 16, 1999


Why not call them and find out?

-- de (delewis@Xinetone.net1), July 16, 1999.

Don't try to call Lehman's. You will just get a recording.

I recently placed an order and my merchandise came in two weeks. I had ordered a Baygen Wind up radio in May and received a notice that I may have to wait till August. The radio shipment came in and I received it the end of June. I know the Alladin lamps are backordered but if an item will not be available right away they will notify you and give you the option to cancel.

With the lag in sales they have had time to restock so this would be a good time to order. I think things are going to step up at the end of summer so get busy NOW! :) :) :)

Good Luck! Fox

-- Fox (ardrinc@aol.com), July 16, 1999.

Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

It depends on the item. I place a big order months ago and got most things right away. I'm still waiting on my lamps and a dehydrator.

-- WaitDancr (addy.available@my.webpage.neener.autospammers--regrets.greenspun), July 22, 1999.

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