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Cannot fine ANY info to elaborate...I REMEMBER his listing Calf. Hawaii and New Hampshire...Living in Hawaii, I am concerned aand am looking for elaboration...HAWAII has little or nothing available to elaborate...Which OTHER states? HOW far behind? Help appreciated...

-- Bob Bowman (bbowman@gte.net), July 16, 1999


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-- orP K2Y (146@2.com), July 16, 1999.

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-- Tae (t**s@eid.won), July 16, 1999.

The nine states figure sounds like it was from the GAO report on cities that just happened. See:

Big U.S. Cities Slow On Y2K Readiness

relevant snippet:

"In addition, nine states are ``behind'' in efforts to ensure their most critical systems do not fail when the year 2000 dawns, said the head of a Senate panel monitoring the issue.

The nine -- which reported having completed work on LESS THAN 70 percent of their MOST IMPORTANT systems -- are New Hampshire, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, California and Hawaii." [CAPS added]

Being in Hawaii, depending HEAVILY on imports, I would hope you are stocking up as much as you can possibly afford. Good luck.

Good book NOT to read: "Spiritwalker" by Hank Wesselman.

-- Linda (lwmb@psln.com), July 16, 1999.

From Bennett's quote in that article: <<

``I hope these statistics aren't as bad as they appear,'' he said in a written statement.>>

I'm afraid they are worse. These statistics are from the best possible world: a phone poll to the cities and states (not over signatures of elected people that can be held accountable!);

in one day self-reported poll without reviewing actual status in each state and city by interviewing the workers (instead of the administrators!)

the reponses are of "expected completion date" (the easiest and most optimistic thing to report about any software program change anyway! )

none reported all complete and tested - Dallas - for example - cleverly "forgot" that just a few weeks before they had scheduled important computer "mainframe installations" for November. (But in this report Dallas said they were finished!)

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), July 16, 1999.

Yup... and Boston met the "criteria" for "ready" without including electric plants, water services, hospitals, or contingency plans.

So... if that's the "winners" of the race....

Deep, DEEP ___-___

-- Linda (lwmb@psln.com), July 16, 1999.

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-- MinnesotaSmith (y2ksafeminnesota@hotmail.com), July 17, 1999.

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