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Is there anyone out there? Does anyone really care? What do you realy believe? Do you talk to your neighbors about it? Do you talk to your family about it? Do you talk to your friends & co-workers? Or do you talk when it's conveinent? Do you talk to people when you think they might be recepeptive? Or do they talk to you? Are you brave enough to do something other than prep for yourself? Or do you just lurk here? Can you talk to the person next to you and disregard the fear of confrontation now, rather than deal with the violent confrontation that may kill you in the future?


Who amoung us is strong enough to do just that little? Who amoung us does talk freely about preparing and protecting our lives, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY? And who doesn't?

If this is even half as bad as Ed Yourdon "realy" believes then shouldn't we be doing more? (You don't prepare for a depression by moveing to a remore state! That's more like preparing for Nuclear War)

Do we realy care?

Do we?


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999


Sorry Hale. Been there, done that since SEPTEMBER 98. I've lost track of the number of times we've been told, "We'll just come to your place!" Until something really, really big gives the sheeple the big dope're only setting yourself up for having to defend your preps from those you cared enough about to warn, OR, being labeled a 'paranoid, unstable Doomer' or perhaps the Fed's favorite, 'right-wing extremist aka terrorist'.


There will be nobody but our elected leaders to blame for the lack of preparation by the masses.

Bring your ropes and look for strong branches!

-- Will continue (, July 16, 1999.

I have stopped talking to people because I have enough sense to realize if these people are not preparing they are a threat to me. If something happens these are the folks that will be coming to me for hand outs.

We can only help so many. If people know we "have" and they "have not", they will try and take what they want. To me, now is the time to go quiet with Y2k to insure your own safety.

How many of us have had family and friends say something like "I don't have to prepare, I'll come to your house". It is said jokingly but when SHTF, these are the people you will fear because they know you have preapred.

-- Linda A. (, July 16, 1999.

Part of me believes that if TS really does HTF, there's no way my family & I are going to survive, regardless of how well I've prepared.

Case in point: My neighbor next door seems like a nice enough guy. He's also a gun enthusiast with more arms & ammo than most 3rd world countries. And no, he's not preparing.

And that's just ONE person in that neighborhood.

As they say in newsgroups, "Connect the dots." I have. The picture isn't pretty.

-- not looking (, July 16, 1999.

If you aren't talking to people how can you expect your community to be "safe" for you? (hoping for the best, of course)

And if someone does not prepare have a food bank for them to go to. Sounds pretty simple. Let the unprepared know where they can go in the event they need to. to protect yourself.

Sound's like you already expect to have "ugly" neighbors come the rollover if you haven't prepped them.

So have you?

Or Will you?


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999.

Been telling to all I know since Spring of 98. One has done something, but only because I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. Would not have done that except for it being a closest of relatives. The Bible gives us the responsibility to warn. It does not give us the responsibility to drag, kicking and screaming.

As to the issue of those that have more guns than a third world country, remember, it is the prep of the individual or family, thinking ahead - clearly - with plans and coolness - that can compensate for much. One bullet can stop one person. One person can not fire multiple weapons. Knowledge and wisdom can work for you. Prepare, plan and act.

-- Daryl (, July 16, 1999.

Agree with the responses. I HAVE tried, and I mean that sincerely, not just as an excuse. You can't MAKE people prepare or realize the possiblities. Continued hammering on someone whose made up their minds (so to speak) just angers them and makes you look like the fool.

For example, had a church board meeting (I'm the chairman)last night. I had said (3 months ago) I'd provide the generator if they purchased the fuel (500 gals, about $700 - pretty minimal, dont you think). The rest of the board (100%) declined to do it. They did vote to spend $7,000 for air conditioning and $8,000 to entirely replace the basement ceiling because of 10-12 scratched ceiling panels they can't find exact matching replacement panels for.

So what CAN you do with such people? Let them have it their way.

Its over (has been) for me as far as trying to convince people, unless they come to me --- they know where I stand. Let us know how your "talking about it" turns out --- better than the rest of us, I hope.

-- Jon Johnson (, July 16, 1999.

For a little preview of how folks behave in a difficult situation, just watch the "neighborhood meeting" part of the movie "Trigger Effect", and see how the entitlement mentality works.... (An Indian couple has a generator, but a couple other neighbors want it because "they need it more", etc.)

-- (, July 16, 1999.

I try and talk about y2k with alot of people, I simply say are you ready for y2k, then did you know congressman Horn rated the power grid at a c+ last month and that means if the power grid goes down you might be without water and to please at least have some water. Then I'll say remember when Clinton made such a big deal about the Social Security being compliant, well that's the only system that is except weather so you might want to at least have water. Then I refer them to book stores where there is all kinds of books on y2k now. Yesterday I talked to a police officer and informed him that it has been passed down by our wonderful leader Clinton for the state and local government to take care of the communities in the event of problems so I asked him what are the cities contengency plans , He wasn't aware of any, then I went more in depth with him about the problem. I am trying to prepare a report to go before my water co to convince them to get a generator. Most of the people are very open and want to hear what I have to say.

-- Michelle (??@??.com), July 16, 1999.

Thomas Hale,

Guess what, some things are beyond our capacity. Get out of your head and recognize that people are not all in the same situation of possibility. If you can take a real leadership role, do so. Don't try to make other people feel that they are doing the wrong thing. That doesn't serve.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 16, 1999.


I think that's wonderfull! I'm glad to hear you are having success.

Keep at it!!!!!!

It is the best way to know for sure that the community knows where it stands! Lest a lack of knowledge lead to riot.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999.

When we lived in the city (prior to August, 1998)we told our whole church, had 3 public meetings, wrote to family members, and distributed information to executives at work. Result = 0

We moved to the country and joined the local small Methodist church. We talked to people and were invited to be the featured speakers at a church sponsored public meeting. The pastor, head elder and several families are working with us to prepare for y2k. Nobody's laughing. Large numbers of home-schoolers are preparing. They borrowed our "Prepare and Pray" curriculum book and we could scarcely get it back. We have met neighbors who are also preparing, and those who aren't already garden and run cattle anyway and will be 10 times more ready than anyone we knew in the city.

There's a lesson here somewhere...

-- Alonzo W. Wight (, July 16, 1999.

Thomas Hale, Guess what, some things are beyond our capacity. Get out of your head and recognize that people are not all in the same situation of possibility. If you can take a real leadership role, do so. Don't try to make other people feel that they are doing the wrong thing. That doesn't serve.

-- Mara Wayne (, July 16, 1999.


You sound as though you have issues with community preparedness..

Just what can't people do?

Speak up? Contribute to a better understanding of their community?

You make it sound like people realy can't do something.

Mabey you are the problem.

Go figure it out.

As for making people think they are doing the wrong thing. If they are not in some way, shape, or form doing something to promote comunity preparedness then they risk their own safety, don't they?

So given a choice. It is wiser to prepare for yourself and in some fashion promote, assist or lead community preparation.

If it makes people feel bad about themselves, they can live with the realm of possible consequences.

I can't.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999.


Great news.

I am sure that Stan Faryna would like to be in your shoes. (He's leading a disscussion on Bugging Out of the City, if need be.)

I glad to hear about all the good news and ideas.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999.

Mr. Hale,

At this stage of the game: "Let the dead bury their own dead".

Both spiritual and practical advice about those whom have no desire to be saved.

-- INVAR (, July 16, 1999.

As with the posters above, I have been valiantly trying to alert my friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, shopkeepers I deal with regularly, people on checkout lines who look at my prep stuff and me weirdly, and my own church Vestry. As with most of those above, I have met with very limited success, despite providing them with a wealth of information in folders I've prepared.

For those few who have taken Y2K seriously as a result, I feel very privileged to have been the one person whose input has helped to either prolong or, more hopefully, save their lives and those of their families. Morally I have felt it incumbent upon me to issue the warning and to provide the prep info to then take the edge off their fears, as they realize they can do something to help themselves.

However, unfortunately for me, this has had negative repercussions as well. Although I've used good psychology and the soft-sell approach initially with each one, the very fact that I introduced a subject that they really did not wish to know about, a la the ostrich, has alienated some, who now avoid me. It has also given them the peculiar impression that there is something unbalanced in me to think such dire thoughts...and then to share them with others! I wish you could see some of the facial expressions and body language with which I have been insulted. I am a big girl, and have taken a lot of much more serious abuse in my lifetime as I fought for worthwhile causes, so that doesn't really bother me. I just throw it in to show what one can be met with when attempting to help others.

But the worst reaction, the one which frightens me, is the one which was made by the supposed-chairman of my church's Y2K Committee. As I've said in previous posts, he didn't create a committee...he felt he knew enough to just provide the church, when he got around to it, his own "informed" opinion on what to expect. Since he began with the prejudiced opinion that nothing, or certainly nothing more than a bump in the road if anything, was going to happen, he tailored his modest research by only seeking the "authoritative" know, the ones which the Internet is debunking as giving us "spin" and withholding the truth. He has finally come around to the decision to provide 3 weeks' worth of supplies to his family. That's some progress from my intense disagreements/dialogues with him anyway. They might live that long, at least. HOWEVER, here is what just blows my mind!!! He said in his dialogue with me, and then at our Vestry meeting on Tuesday these precise words, believe them or not: "Well, we know that there are those of us who are preparing a lot. If there really is a need for others to have supplies when Y2K comes, these people can provide for the rest of the congregation."

After biting my tongue and regaining my composure, I addressed the group thus: "He and I have disagreed profoundly during the course of our research and communication on many points, but on this one I must express my views to you all. I will use myself to cause you to reflect upon whether you should come to take what is mine. I am nearly 64, live alone, am partially handicapped, and work full-time, but live from paycheck to paycheck. I clip coupons, check the weekly sales at four or five stores, then run around to them and buy what I need for preps. I then carry it up a long path and to the second floor. In addition, I have a daughter with triplets ages 2 yrs. 9 mos. and as of 7/5 their father was laid off. If I had five cents left over with which to help anyone in the world, it would be my daughter. And how about my neighbors? If people here are given the information with which to work, which I have provided tonight, and they elect to not prepare or prepare adequately due to either their view that nothing is going to happen, or because they are too busy with other projects or vacations, or because they are unwilling to spend the time and money necessary to prepare....then you surely cannot expect these people to knock on my door and tell me that the Christian thing to do is to share! That is sheer presumption. On some of the websites I visit, people are struggling with the deep moral and ethical and religious implications of their response to others when the time comes. They are not taking it lightly, nor am I. Before sharing such a view as asking for the supplies of others, one should prayerfully and diligently read these forums and go through the struggle of conscience which others are experiencing."

I believe that some people will become GIs as a result of that meeting, and will pass along what they learned to others, as I requested. But I am about finished with alerting people, after seeing the reaction of this one man who should know better, and who does not believe in using guns or force, but is willing that people should come to the doors of the prepared, I fear what the "others" out there who have little or no conscience, and who know I am preparing, would think was their right, when the time comes.

I believe for me that the time for caution has arrived.

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 16, 1999.


I've given TV interviews, I've done mass emailings to local email users, I've spoken to family, friends, neighbors, employees and total strangers on the street and in the stores. I've been active in my 3 county Y2K community preparedness. Watched it drop from 450 in February to about 15-25 today.

My total results: 2 employees who are concerned and may do some prep, my parents are now concerned, but Mom "Doesn't want to think about it". So, give me the money, I'll prepare for us all (several other family members locally).

Now, I still talk to people. I just don't push. My daughter (13) probably put it best. She is completely aware of the situation and of all of the possible ramifications. I asked her what she would do if things went *really* bad. She looked me in the eye and said, "WHATEVER it takes".

"Whatever it takes", sir. Cooperation if possible. Otherwise, my family comes first. How can it be otherwise now? I've tried. I am still trying. I cannot make people THINK, dammit.

-- Jon Williamson (, July 16, 1999.

Elaine Seavey, and Jon Williamson

In a sense, I am speachless.

It sounds like you've done the right things. I hope you make it.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, July 16, 1999.

Dear father hale, i take it your a man of the cloth?? if so; i,m sure your familiar with the story of NOAH. how many- GOT IT then? and did not JESUS say; as it was in the day,s of NOAH, SO SHALL IT BE------. YOU KNOW THE REST. just a thought.

-- er-uh-father??? (, July 16, 1999.

There may be a "second wave" of info. and urging on the local level. We had a flury of y2k meetings in December and January. Most of these were heavily driven by the survivalist/militia people and linked to anti-NWO agendas or to evangelical religious groups. (We have many.) There was a backlash by the middle of roaders and more urban groups. They ran from the info to disassociate from the agenda.

Our local paper is just now begining to start some articles originating from "official" sources like the county's y2k task force (emergency services) and the city. This may gather bring some of the other groups onboard the "enlightened train."

You would be surprised at the number of people who are quietly preparing. Just talk to your local UPS guy. I did. He knows.

-- marsh (, July 16, 1999.

Marsh -

Good point about the UPS man. One reason why I have NOTHING delivered to my rural home. It all comes to my office in town where it doesn't cause much stir in the flow of packages. And if it does cause a stir, the stir is nowhere near where I live. They won't prepare, but THEY WILL REMEMBER.

-- Alonzo W. Wight (, July 16, 1999.

I hate to say this, but I do NOT speak to my new neighbors on this subject. I do not have a generator but they do. Chances are, they will sit in their homes as long as they have fuel.

Thomas, sorry to have sounded brutal. I've really tried. I've always been an eccentric, that worked against me with the family. The only reason my new bride is going along so well is that she is offended at the STUPIDITY of the swill that the media and government are trying to feed us.

Fix in three days what they couldn't fix in three years? Not in your dreams, she said.

Now, although I'm not going hog wild, we will have food for 24 months, a new well, an INSIDE hand pump, firearms (a mix of short, medium, and long range), just enough livestock to feed myself and family (goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits), but few enough to fit in the garage. I don't intend ANYONE to step foot outside the door if it can be avoided.

Paranoid? I'm only afraid I'm not paranoid enough. Too civilized. My daughter WILL see her 18th birthday if any action of mine can make it so.

-- Jon Williamson (, July 16, 1999.

When I posted my response I thought I would be flamed. I see I am not alone in my feelings. I, too, tried to prepare others. I copied FEMA< Red Cross and the National Guard literature and handed it out. Some read it, others did not.

I would talk to people about Y2k. Everyone from the Judge Executive of the community (I was told not to worry, everything is fine) to the postman. Not shove it in the face discussions but "have you heard about Y2k and what do you think"?

Some beleived and started doing thier own research which lead to their preapring. Others, including family and friends, ridiculed. If I could MAKE people preapre, I would. You can lead a horse to water but you CAN NOT make him drink.

Now is the time to go silent. If your family is starving and you know where ther is food, you will try and get it. This is what I am thinking. I also think these same people should be feared more so because they will BEAR A BURDEN OF GUILT for not preparing.

As for my neighbors, I live in red neck country. I am leary of these people without the problem of Y2k.

-- Linda A. (, July 16, 1999.

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