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I would like to try to measure how much Joe Blow is aware of the problem. I'm specifically trying to finger specific instances where you noticed that someone you wouldn't have thought would be concerned, was. For example, a very conservative friend of mine just told me that he's gonna go hog wild in October and buy a bunch of "stuff". This surprised me, as he has not prev. admitted that this problem even existed.

This is an important issue for anyone preparing because depending on when the 'mania phase' kicks off, we will have more or less time to do preps at reasonable prices.

Also would like a quick poll on when you think people will really begin stocking in earnest:

Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, or Dec

Please pick one.

-- Gordon (, July 15, 1999


I started a thread in the other forum to try to get an idea, as in a Joanne effect Y2K failure that would get everyone's attention. The answers tend to be of the stock market crash or banks limiting withdrawal but no indication as to why these things would happen.

At this point I see no reason to expect it sooner than the period between Christmas and New Year's eve. So it's Dec.

-- Mikey2k (, July 16, 1999.

November, I just don't see anyone noticing anything. There are occasional shortages of some items, but are usually restocked in a week or so. My UPS man has taken special notice, his comment when delivering another package to my doorstep was: "here's another one for your stockpile", really blew me away, evidently he reads all the addressing information. That was something I hadn't considered, your local postman, UPS, FedEx people all know what you order, whether you use a credit card, check or cash, they see the stuff & can sometimes tell from the return address what is going on...hmmmmmmm

-- Sammie (, July 16, 1999.

September probably October for sure.

Sumer's over. Kids back in school. Less distractions of vacations, etc. Hint of fall in the air.

Traditional time for starting to get things ready for winter......"Oh my Gosh, there *is* going to be a winter. What if the ....."

Lastly, spinning become increasingly difficult. As more and more people start to talk about it (good or bad, believe or doubt, but talk) Y2K becomes increasingly less unreal.

-Greybear, guess we'll see.

-- Greybear (, July 16, 1999.

As I go about my deliveries for the Avon, Fuller Brush and Watkins products that I sell part time, I have talked to many of my "Ladies" and their husbands about preparing. Some are real GIs. Most ask questions about what to store, where to buy and how to store water. All say they will get to it soon. Just a few actually have started. Most seem to think they can wait till last minute. I, on the other hand feel a bit of panic creeping into my thoughts. I have been pushing myself to get more then I originally planned, and as soon as possible. I fear that when things start to happen, they will hapen quickly.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, July 16, 1999.

I'm in the September/October group. October has the stongest posibility due to almost all MAJOR stock crashes happen in OCT. The psychological factor is BIG.

Of course response and "awakining" could happen sooner if: A) Major publically reported failure. B) The media and film/tv industry runs many stories. Then television and print would have stories like OJ, Monica and the LA riots combined (all day/all night)

-- dw (, July 16, 1999.

My opinion was December. However, there's a post on the other thread today - a rumor that Clinton will make a "prep" speech on Oct. 31st. If that is true, that might change things.

Two weeks ago, I was on a business trip with a coworker. We were talking about hurricane preps and she said, "I'm stocking up on water and food now because that "K" thing is going to be really bad!" I laughed and said "Do you mean Y2K?" and she said yes. She hasn't read anything but what's been in the papers and has done no research, nor has she ever mentioned it before. Really surprised me. I've given her more info since then.

-- dakota (, July 16, 1999.

Saw a news story about the british calling all their commandoes home from Kosovo by September. Seems they think that lots of failures will occur on 9/9/99 and want the troops in position to protect banks, power plants, etc.If that doesn't trigger a panic then a stock market crash could.Also rumor has it that the big buyers of short term, (credit card) debt are going to sit out Oct's auction because of Y2K concerns.This would really crimp the credit card companys and merchants won't get paid.Could be the prick that pops the bubble!

-- Ralph Kramden (, July 18, 1999.

It seems to me that "Joe Blow" trusts "Them" about everything working out fine. Those that have the sense to prepare aren't to be worried about as they are of like mind. Get the hell away from "Joe Blow" before he panics. I have encountered VERY few people doing any preparation, or taking any of this with the any seriousness. It's almost a ... generational joke ... or something of the sort. I'd figure people MIGHT do some stocking up round 'bout late October or November, maybe with their Christmas Shopping, because it's the thing to do. I actually don't really expect a panic rush, or 'mania phase' as was referred to in the original post.

later, v.c.stegeman

-- frmn.v.c.stegeman (, July 19, 1999.

Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

Everybody that I've talked to about this (outside the internet), down to the last person, has said that they have plans to put aside some water and money and maybe some extra food, in December. I suppose these people could be made to run earlier if it began to look as though these things wouldn't be available in December.

-- SPAMdancr (addy.available@my.webpage.neener.autospammers--regrets.greenspun), July 21, 1999.

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