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I cannot afford the time to comment on ideas about what should or shouldn't be included on this forum and will not be doing so on other threads. Please take that at face value in the good spirit in which it is said.

There are only two questions in my mind:

1. Are the posting policies as clear as they can be? Probably not. They will be revised. They will exclude, even more clearly than now, threads that discuss "what should be posted to this forum?" as well as specify in somewhat more details when a thread or post will be deleted. Unfortunately, it is probably impossible to ever make the policies clear enough that they could not be misunderstood. Moreover, it is impossible to anticipate every possibility.

2. Are we conformant with the law and the intent of the U.S. Constitution with respect to the Internet? This is trickier since I am not a lawyer and cannot afford the kind of advice that would protect me. Indeed, it is even possible that such cannot be known at this time.

Since my assets are few and would be of scant interest, I am not terribly concerned about lawsuits, except about their ability to steal my time, which is precious.

However, I will reiterate what has been said before: this forum is dedicated to preps. I do my best to interpret that sincerely. People can well differ on something like that. If a thread or post is not pertinent to preps and/or is considered by me to be annoying, harassing or obscene, it will be deleted.

I welcome private email to me at y2krecover@yahoo.com. I am quite open to discussing this issue privately as time allows, both individually and with multiple individuals simultaneously.

My sole intent has been to help others prepare since most of my preparations are complete and it seemed like the neighborly thing to do.

Responses of support or opposition will not be prevented on this particular thread (providing they are not obscene), but I respectfully ask you NOT to do so, but to email me instead. This forum is not a referendum. The classic TB2K forum is the right place for discussing "censorship".

Thank you.

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), July 15, 1999

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