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Big Dog

this is just a thought re: a spiritual preparedness thread or other similar themes: is it possible to enforce putting the thread theme in the title field? that way, if someone wanted to skip a particular theme it would be easy.

i scanned the titles currently out there and found only one that did not identify the theme (touchy subject). if i had known it was about cigarettes i would have skipped it entirely. likewise, if the theme 'spiritual' was attached to the threads, anyone opening the thread would know exactly what they were getting in for.

i think this would go a long way toward people arguing about whether or not a thread belonged on the forum. if you're not interested in the theme, skip it!!

or am i being too simplistic?

thanx for, and keep up, the good work!

-- Cowardly Lion (, July 15, 1999


An interesting convention but hard as the dickens to enforce. It CAN NOT be enforced AFTER POSTING as the post title is part of the databeas key and, you can see the problem there.

We'lll have to think on it, when we have a few less fish to fry :-).


-- Chuck, a night driver (, July 16, 1999.

thanx, chuck, i see the problem. didn't realize the title was a key field.

-- Cowardly Lion (, July 16, 1999.

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