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[NOTE: Article Deleted--Immediately Upon Notification--Per Request Of Peter de Jager--Claiming Copyright Violation--7/16/99--6:15 p.m. EST--TBY2K Sysop]

-- Y2K Pro (, July 15, 1999


Too bad I use Windows NT.

-- Dog Gone (, July 15, 1999.

"Microsoft has patches available for this Y2K problem"

Yup, Service pack 3 for NT fixed the Y2K problems, right? Oh, that's right, they missed a few, so out comes SP/4. Now it;s ok, right? Humm, must have missed a few more, so next we have the "Service pack for Service pack 4" (I just loved that one). OK now, right? No? More Y2K issues with SP/5? Don't worry. It'll be fixed in NT/5 (Win/2000), the most complex OS ever, right? <:)=

PS - And I wonder what all those other issues on the Microsoft Y2K page are for, if the only problem is NT???

-- Sysman (, July 15, 1999.

Hey PRO.....your burger's burnin'........

-- Will continue (, July 15, 1999.

?taht htiw seirf ekil uoy dluoW

-- orP k2Y (, July 15, 1999.

Hey Pro, could you put eseech on my fries?

-- Mike (, July 15, 1999.

Ya know, this Y2KrazyIdiot kinda grows on you after a while....

In six months, when she's huddled around a burn barrel in the alley, dodging hungry stray dogs and wishin' she'd at least remembered to wash a weeks' worth of underwear, I hope she'll be thinking of us...

I know I'll be thinking of her.....

-- lisa (, July 15, 1999.


I can't think of any way to rebut this article, so I'll take personal pot-shots at the person who posted it - secure in the knowledge the moderators will not censor me. For I am a Doomer...

-- Y2K Pro (, July 15, 1999.

Nah, Translation:

This bow-head - who we will have spent a whole year with by the rollover - won't be able to post from the "warming center", and I'm gonna miss her.

-- Lisa (, July 15, 1999.

Well, personally, I like Peter's version better. Unfortunately, my personal contacts have given me a less rosy picture. I'm no expert, I'm a headhunter. I get to talk to techies all day if I want to.

6 months or so will give us a better idea.

Y2K PRO, if you've seen my posts here, you know I am not one for making personal attacks. I don't see the point. The Internet is the ultimate "sticks and stones" (G)

If you are right and I am wrong, I will most gladly stop back here after it is clear that all is well (at least into the 2nd quarter) and post said fact daily until I get bored with it. Right after I let all of my extended family get a piece of my rear end.

Hoping you are right, worried I am

-- Jon Williamson (, July 15, 1999.

Lisa, precisely why do you think I am a gal?

-- Y2K Pro (, July 15, 1999.

Y2K Pro: haven't we already settled this?

-- Lisa (, July 15, 1999.

reppohw rJ eht ro reppohw eht referp I fi ksa elpoep fo stoL

-- orP K2Y (, July 15, 1999.

Boy do you have this person pegged. Everything is being looked at backwards, right? Yup, got it all backwards, including the Y2k data.

-- Gordon (, July 16, 1999.


Usually your opinions are worth reading. But it this case, even I can see that we have a serious troll. I'm rather surprised that you cannot understand that trolls who mock your enemies nonetheless contribute nothing but noise.

-- Flint (, July 16, 1999.

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