home made shower from car tire inner tube

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Things you'll need. *car tire inner tube ,patched. *A 1/2in plastic pipe coupler. *small clamp. *A 3foot length of 1/2in garden hose with a male hose connector. *Rubber-sealing compound. *A spray hose valva. A 14in tube will hold about 19 quarts of water. With a sharp pair of scissors ,cut a 1/4in hole about 2in ,in from outside edge.Wet finger and clean around inside of hole. Cut off lower half of 1/2in pipe coupler...glob a good amount of rubber-sealing compound on the small ridge of coupler...and push into the 1/4in hole. With lower part of coupler in the hole ,pull the ridge up snug against the inside of the tube and let dry.Now roughen the area surrounding the hole you just placed the coupler in. Now coat the outside area with rubber-sealer. 3 coats works best .Let cement dry after each coat. Connect garden hose to coupler with clamp. Attach spray hose valva to hose. To use place inner tube in sun [top of car works good] open valva and shower.

-- HD (home_dad@yahoo.com), July 15, 1999


valva or VALVE?? Only questioning because used so many times in otherwise concise & lucid directions

-- Chuck, a night driver's wife (rienzoo@en.com), July 15, 1999.

Sorry about that. A hand held sprinkler with a on & off valve [switch].Yhe sprinkler head is used as a shower head .screw The male end of water hose to your female faucet from your house.And fill inner tube.

-- HD (home_dad@yahoo.com), July 15, 1999.

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