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Here is a quote of mine (below) from a thread of Mr. Deckers below. I would like the individuals that question the forum to answer the following. One thing I am good at is finding the information that is on the net. This doesn't exist to my satisfaction. I have writen a better one for the bush than anyone can write for a city. This is a open challange.

"I have as you know lived in severe conditions and have been there, done that. It is a mind set, a lifestyle change. And that is where the problem lies. The fear of the unknown, fear for the safety of family, your job, community you know the spiel.

Now as mentioned above there is no winter urban survival guide.

You find me one.

Or write out one.

The only answer I see is not being in an urban enviorment.

But that is just me. Eh?"

-- Brian (, July 15, 1999


Probably best to read what was done in war-time for city-folk when their infrastructure was bombed into oblivion in the middle of winter.

Shelter is less of a problem in cities than in the wilderness, but "wild animals" (bi-peds) are more of a threat. Food and water resources probably depend on the actions of the "wild animals".

-- Anonymous99 (, July 15, 1999.

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