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I obtained a cel of Aeon Flux a while ago and was hoping someone could help me with identifying the episode that it came from. The cel features Aeon standing with her arms crossed in front of her torso (in a defensive manner) she is facing an old man who is opening a suitcase as if he is about to display its contents to her. Aeon takes up almost the entire height of the cel (stopping just below her knees) I can provide an image of the cel if this would be of help. Any help would be appreciated. William

-- William (dedwate@yahoo.com), July 14, 1999


I believe that scene might have been Ilbren showing Aeon the money for the job he was going to give her in Isthmus Crypticus.

-- Telemental Harbinger (panaceag@lvcm.com), July 14, 1999.

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