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I realize you guys dont know us but we recently moved from So. CA. to Salem OR and my employment is why I cant go anywhere i want in OR. We moved and left our home because of Y2K. We didnt intend to live in Salem for long but cant go just anywhere and finding a place in a small town is tricky it sems everyone wants these. If you know of any homes for rent East of Salem would you please E-Mail us. Im sure you guys know where Salem is, you appear to know a lot about a lot of things (intelligent is my point) we cant go south as my work is based in Portland and I drive daily (my employer wont let me)Stayton, Turner Aumsville a smaller town in the country. I know your in Cascadia ,been through there since weve been here and its lovely by the way . I have 5 kids and a wife and we have to get out of this city soon so if you know of any rentals East of Salem Please let us know.Any help would be much appreciated. (Im not asking you to look in the paper forgive me if thats the impression ive given) I just wonddered if youve lived here for any length of time you might know of someone. Please forgive me if Ive over stepped my bounds. Thanks Jon

-- jon (, July 14, 1999

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