Will electrical surges be a big problem?

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I am concerned about major electrical surges coming in on my power line. I know that too big a surge will blow up appliances and possibly start a fire. I read information somewhere about a surge protector you could buy to install on the electrical line coming into your home. I called my electric company and was informed that my company does not install them anymore, I will have to hire an electrician to do it. Fine, but where do I purchase one of these surge protectors and is it necessary?

-- Carol (glear@usa.net), July 13, 1999



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-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), July 14, 1999.

It's a good idea to install one of these whole house surge protectors. I had one installed about a dozen years ago after almost every home in our town experienced some sort of damage from a surge.

Call an electrician. He/she will provide the equipment to install and make the necessary arrangements with your electric company to turn off the power to your home.

I think this is a small price to pay to protect your home from damage. If your area experiences lightning strikes, you should have this surge protector installed.

-- walt (longyear@shentel.net), July 14, 1999.

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