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I hope this doesn't make them unavailable when needed most:

From Nashville Business Journal

New owners hope Aladdin lamp spinoff makes hay from Y2K

by Jay Sowinski

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. will move its operations from Nashville to a new facility in the Clarksville Montgomery County Corporate Business Park in hopes of having room to expand as demand grows for its Y2K-proof products.

The company, a spin-off from Nashville's troubled Aladdin Industries LLC, makes non-pressurized kerosene lamps. Sales are growing stronger as the beginning of the new millennium approaches.

Buyers tend to be worried that the Y2K computer bug might short circuit the electric power grid. Kerosene lamps are a low-tech alternative to being left in the dark.

"Our target date for moving into our new facility will be Dec. 1," says J.W. "Bill" Courter, president of Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co.

The 50,000-square-foot facility will be built and leased by Matteson Hudson Construction Co. and can be expanded to more than 130,000 square feet, says Tom Hudson, president of the construction company.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. was formed when Nashville based Aladdin Industries LLC sold its kerosene lamp division to a group of 14 investors April 5 for around $1.5 million, says Courter.

The new company expects to produce 50,000 units with annual sales approaching $4 million, says Tom Teeter, executive vice president for Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co..

Currently, Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. is leasing employees and manufacturing space from Aladdin Industries. While leasing the space and employees, Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. is still a union shop, with workers from the United Steel Workers of America, local 4802. But when the company makes its move to Clarksville facility, this will change.

"Any employee who wants to come with us is welcome to come," says Courter.

"But our Clarksville facility will not be a union shop."

Some of the employees have indicated they will retire, says Courter. He estimates Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. will have to hire 10 to 14 people when it makes the move to Clarksville.

In order to keep union organizing activity to a minimum, the company will offer incentives such as profit sharing, says Courter.

Investors in Aladdin Mantle Lamp are collectors and members of the Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Lamp, an organization of lamp lovers founded by Courter. The private company was formed as a corporation in Kansas, the home of the largest investor, says Courter.

"We sold to the Aladdin Knights because their organization loved our lamps," says Ari Chaney, CEO and president of Aladdin Industries.

"We thought we would put the business in the hands of people who love the product while it will allow us to concentrate on our core of consumer products."

Aladdin Industries still owns 10 percent of the company, says Chaney.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. has combined with its largest distributor, American Lamp Products, and will eventually expand its product line, says Teeter.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. will be a distributor of the colored glass products of Williamstown, W.Va., based Fenton Art Glass and has purchased a lamp shade company called Shades of Light, based in Fort Wayne, Ind., says Teeter.

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-- Lewis (, July 13, 1999


Aladdlin supplies are starting to be available again....however some items are still on back order. Last Sunday, I gave a complete brass Aladdin lamp to my in-laws, ready to burn. It was a learning process! It took awhile to get the wick at the proper height so as not to produce yellow flames or to smoke. But when we figured it out, it was impressive, we all stared at it. Aladdin made many different kinds of lamps, burners, and bases some of which are highly desired by collectors. If you buy a new Aladdin burner, make sure it has a star shape stamped on it near the "Model 23" designation; it is the improved version. Also, consider the chrome plated version rather than the brass because the plating adds some stength and corrosion resistence to the metal parts. There is an Aladdin dealer on line at (usual disclaimers, no financial ties, etc.) with some informative pages and covers the entire currect Aladdin line. Buy K1 grade kerosene (ACE had it at $8.99 for 2 1/2 gallons) and it won't smell when you burn it. However, it will have a faint odor from the wick when blown out. It's a lot cheaper than buying PV panels, AC/DC invertors, etc.

-- Sure M. Worried (SureMWorried@bout.y2k.coming), July 13, 1999.

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