RVers --Have you considered solarizing?

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When I realized the potential problems associated with Y2K in July 1998, I knew we could handle water & food storage, heat & lights, money put aside, protection and several other areas, but I hated the thought of no electricity or refrigeration. On garynorth.com I stumbled across the concept of alternative energy, and with the help of Roy @FourWinds, I soon realized that a home with 3 freezers and 2 fridges (all the energy guzzling variety) was hopeless to consider.

Thoughts then turned to RV with LP fridge and freeaer, stove top and oven, furnace and hot water heater (not that I expect to have running water). This was much more feasible than the house, but couldn't talk my husband into driving to Roy's for installation (in N Y 1000mi one way).

We went to two local RV dealerships and one told us seriously that what we were talking about wouldn't work at all, that all we'd be able to do was watch TV a few hours each night before the batteries ran down and he hated to see us spend money for that. The other shop manager could hardly quit laughing long enough to answer us. Knew we were looney because we thought Y2K might cause problems and decided we had lost all our marbles to think solar panels / batteries / inverter would be of any use on a motor home.

So my husband said *Find people who are actually doing this and see what they have to say.* So I say thanks to Don Sheets in MI, Kevin McLaughlin in OK, Larry Coles in ID, Larry Cooper in CA, Stan Pierchoski in TN and Rocky Knolls (in addition to Roy@fourwinds). Thanks for helping convince him that it really does work!! We finally located someone in Mississippi (Alternative Energy Service of Mississippi) to do the installation and we are so pleased!. My husband spent 3 rainy days at deer camp on solar power and had no problems.

So not only can we dry camp away from electricity, but if the SHTF, we will park facing south in our driveway close to the house and hook the RV to an LP line coming from an additional 500 gal tank. Then we'll raise our solar panels and see what happens.

Keep reading and asking questions and you will come across what meets your needs. There's a wealth of knowledge on the internet and people on this new Preparedness board are willing to answer any legitimate questions.

-- Sylvia (bluebirdms@aol.com), July 13, 1999


Sylvia, I think that it's really great that you tried it. So many people would simply have listened to the two local dealerships. You and your husband have great courage, and I am so pleased that it worked out for you!

Nice that you're back, bluebirdms :)

de lewis, aka Rocky Knolls

-- de (delewis@Xinetone.net), July 13, 1999.

Anyone know where to buy a reliable used RV or trailer and trailer hitch?

-- NSmith (nitnat3@aol.com), July 14, 1999.

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