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Just wondering if automobile-cigarette-lighter-powered stoves are available, and where they can be bought. I know that they sell little ovens for truckers but i don't know about the stovetops.

One option would be to get a DC to AC power inverter and then buy a porable electric burner, but that would cost too much. What about the real thing?

-- coprolith (, July 13, 1999


First, to answer the question, I think I have seen small 12 volt hotplates in camper supply catalogs, or JC Whitney auto parts catalog, but don't recall exactly where. I do recall that I was not impressed by the apparent quality.

Second- heating with electricity that you have generated/stored is a very inefficient way to use the power. Much more efficient to use LP, wood, solar, coleman fuel, etc. Generation of electricity is so inefficient that you really don't want to waste it by also using it inefficiently. Just my opinion.


-- Jim (, July 13, 1999.

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