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From: Reply-To: Action 2000 Subject: Live broadcast of sixth National Infrastructure Forum Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:25:03 +0100 (BST)

Action 2000s' sixth National Infrastructure Forum commences at 09:40 July 13 1999. This shall be the largest forum to date, bringing together representatives from key areas of the national infrastructure, who shall be presenting the very latest information on the state of millennium readiness of the national infrastructure. If you would like to hear the proceedings live as they occur, please visit the National Infrastructure website at

-- Old Git (, July 13, 1999


I tried to listen to this broadcast this morning but we couldn't get any sound. Looking back at the adress you gave I can't even find the page that was there before let alone the report. If anyone can help or can find the report please post the address. All we are getting over here is the "everything will be ok, planes won't fall out of the sky but your video might not work" line. I don't believe it.

-- liz (, July 13, 1999.

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