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Hi there. I seem to get the feeling that Freelance photographers virtually everywhere are settled on to Velvia at speeds varying between 32 and 50 ISO (or ASA if you're my age). I even met one photographer on a glacier in NZ who strongly suggested there was no real alternative about. What feelings do you have, is anything else worth trying ? Where have all the Kodachrome supporters gone, have they joined the Fuji bandwagon ? I have tried the new Ektachrome 100 which is good, very good in fact and of course a useful stop or so of extra film speed as well. But I would almost wager that if anyone responds to this the majority will be Velvia supporters.

Well is there anything else worth trying ?

What ever you use keep taking the masterpieces.

John Swannick

-- John Swannick (, July 12, 1999


i'm doing photography for avery long time, and i still use "ASA" instead of ISO. I'm not a FUJI fan, and not joining FUJI bandwagon, i'm "BUYING" film not recieving free film, but for the time being i'm only using FUJI(velvia&provia III) when i try other brand i became dissapointed.FUJI is so sharp,the color just beautiful, and they're so excellent for anykind of reproduction. But i think my choice of FUJI brand only my personal taste (i'm glad my clients liked it too). for b/w i prefer ILFORD delta series, have a nice shooting(with fuji or not)

-- dono retardi (, September 09, 2002.

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