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Hello, If there is anybody that is new using this site, respond and let me know. Thanks.

-- Tuyet Nguyen (tnguyen@media.mit.edu), July 12, 1999


Just to let you know this is my first visit to the page. Thanks for your good efforts on the stats. It tells us that we are growing and that readers find our product profitable. Len

-- Leonard Dalton (lendal@gis.net), July 12, 1999.

Tuyet, This site is a great idea for the Danvers group and the rest of us. Lets hope people use it. Time will tell.

Thanks for setting it up. Jack B P.S. My home computer is down, so don't send anything to my tinman address that you may have listed with the Stringers.

-- Jack Beckley (jbeckley@cityofmelrose.org), July 12, 1999.

Hi Tuyet: I was writing to you but AOL cut me off and I don't know if what I had written got through to you. I told you that this was the first time I have been on this site and think it is great.

Hope you had a good vacation. I will have to rewrite my questions but it is getting too late tonight so will e-mail you tomorrow. Priscilla Danvers Oracle

-- Priscilla H. Porter (wwiiwave@aol.com), September 06, 1999.

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