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-- HD (, July 12, 1999



-- rb (, July 12, 1999.


-- rb (, July 12, 1999.

Those links had minor typos. This one works:

It was interesting to note that the "Survival Forum" isn't offered as a selection from Cosmo's main page, while forums for "Y2K" and "Community" are. Probably just an oversight...

-- Mac (
sneak@lurk.hid), July 12, 1999.


Closing tags...

'Course mine had a typo, too! LOL!

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), July 12, 1999.

Thanks Mac.....I'm only good about 80% of the time on links.

Picked up some Dole pineapple today with dating of April 2002. Minced Garlic...March 2001. I'm always looking for sales! I do appreciate the companies that put easy to read exp dates on the cans and jars. If I see two brands of a product I will pick the one that has a readable date.

-- rb (, July 12, 1999.

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