Q: late model 28mm f/3.5 hex on T2 era autoreflex

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I've been through the Konica SLR pages and digested a great amount of information. I haven't seen a reference to this question yet, though.

I found a Hexanon 28 mm f/3.5 for sale in a local shop ($40), and brought my Autoreflex T (prob T2) in to check it out. When I looked through the viewfinder I noticed that the maximum aperture indicator was at 2.8. This lens was a newer 28 mm, with an AE marking and f/22 minimum aperture. I wonder if I can successfully use this with my T2 in AE mode as long as I remember to use f/3.5 or smaller aperture?

One note - this was my Dad's camera, and I recently had it overhauled (for sentimental reasons) The meter didn't work - so I let the repairman fix it and recalibrate so that I could use standard 1.5 V batteries. He also put new light seals on the door and cleaned it up. I bought a used 57mm f/1.4 (mine had oil on the diaphragm) and shot a roll. Pretty pleased with the results. I notice now that the max aper. ind. is closer to the dot (f/1.2) than f/1.4. The max aper. ind. on my old 57 mm shows f/1.4. For my 55 mm macro it was at 3.5 (as it should be), and for a Tamron 70-200 mm zoom it was at f/4 at 70 mm (as it should be). I was in EE mode for all of these tests.

Is this a problem with the camera, or the specific lens specimens I have tried (suspect the latter but don't know). Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


-- Anonymous, July 12, 1999


Konica goofed!


I just placed my 28/f3.5 on my Autoreflex T(2).

Same result!

My guess is taht the factory has fitted the wrong indexing cam to a batch of these lenses.

Can you believe I've had the camera since '72 and the lens since about '75, and never noticed this. I bought the lens along with a Autoreflex TC, and may have used it on that body only, however!


-- Anonymous, August 28, 1999

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