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France Telecom [NYSE:FTE] (FT), one of the largest telecommunications operators in Europe, has announced its network and resources are now Y2K-compliant. The announcement makes FT one of the first major telecommunication carriers in Europe to make this claim. The company says that its program of updating is also prepared for the February 29, 2000 date change - a date change that many Y2K experts are worried about.

FT says that its Y2K compliance program started way back in 1996 and has involved around 500 staff. The Y2K division of the carrier has had a budget of around a billion francs ($160 million), most of which has now been spent.

Revealingly, FT says that its tests covered three main areas.

The first was the interoperability testing of the elements comprising France Telecom's network and its services.

The second is the testing and implementing of converted (or "renovated") applications, including a "full dress rehearsal" involving strategic information system processes (call management, customers, support and billing) that will take place during the third quarter.

The third is the interoperability testing with partners' networks within the scope of the International Telecom Forum.

FT says that the Year 2000 date change is critical for companies in every industry at numerous levels. Because of this, the carrier says it is providing support that, in addition to addressing purely technical issues, encompasses consulting, listening and responding to customer queries, and access to local contacts.

Rather than just sitting back and saying its Y2K compliance operations are now complete, the carrier says that its Y2K compliance teams will be fully operational on January 1, 2, and 3, 2000.

The teams, FT says, will also be available to support customers during the rollover. Extra staff will remain on assignment with these support teams until March, 2000, to manage another critical date, February 29, 2000, since the leap year may not be recognized by some systems.

-- Mild Mannered Reporter (clark@super.duper), July 12, 1999


The announcement makes FT one of the first major telecommunication carriers in Europe to make this claim.


-- Linkmeister (, July 12, 1999.

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