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My personal preps included a #2 washtub from my local Ace hardware store and I was going to either build or buy a hand agitator to go with the wash board. I had been told to buy a cement mixer which is sort of like a large potato masher, for the job. To my surprise I found just the thing at the hardware store called the "Rapid Washer." It looks like a futuristic toilet plunger. It has a wooden handle and a large funnel shaped end made of lightweight steel. The funnel end contains several baffles built in the insides which really mixes the water and there are five exit holes for the water at the tip of the funnel near the handle. These exit holes are covered which directs the exiting water back down into the washtub. Imprinted on the side is the lable "Rapid Washer", made by C.T. Childers, Galesburg, Illinois. I hope this gives enough information to those who wish to hunt this "new" old device down for purchase. Price? $8.95. This was a great deal cheaper than I could buy the cement mixer for.

-- Doc (, July 11, 1999


This is TOO funny..... its a small world, isn't it?

I was the one that sudggested the 'large potatoe masher' thing for cleaning clothes. Well the funny part is I live with in 15 minutes from Galesburg,Il.

TOO FUNNY....bulldog

-- bulldog (, July 11, 1999.

My cyberfriends on the Homesteading board I frequent swear by the Rapid Washer! They're available from Lehman's (Item #66RW) for $9.95 if you can't find them locally.

-- Jill (, July 11, 1999.

Washing by hand:Take a 5gal plastic bucket/w lid,and a new or clean toilet plunger.cut hole in center of lid,A little larger than handel of plunger. put clothing to be washed into bucket + small amount of soap then fill with water.Put toilet plunger handel through lid,neex snap lid on and work like old time butter churn.Make 3 of theys and wash in one and rines in other two.

-- home dad (, July 12, 1999.

If you are still making odd trips in the car or by horse/donkey etc let them do the agitating for you.(Overland Treking tip)

Put your dirty washing in a waterproof bag together with soap & water.Tie said bag to car/horse etc.The motion of travel agitates the clothes & all they need is to be rinsed at the end of the journey.

-- Chris (, July 12, 1999.

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