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Foreign Troops and National Guard Preparing for Y2K

-- OR (, July 11, 1999


Wow! Great post! I know that when I was in the service we had "war games" with other countries off shore. Does anyone know how much training with other countries has happened in the US in the past?

-- BiGG (, July 11, 1999.

Great post! In the past we have had "war games" with other countries offshore. Does anyone know how much training with other countries has happened in the US in the past?

-- BiGG (, July 11, 1999.

Happens all the time! From foreign cadets at our service academies, foreign officers at our branch basic and advanced officer training schools, visiting instructors, foreign liaison officers and military attaches. Other foreign soldiers trained at School of Americas at Ft Benning, Georgia. Visiting fighter pilots and squadrons. Senior Officers attend the various War Colleges. Visiting units of all sizes often come to Alaska to train as well as the National Training Center in the Mojahve Desert to name a few. Many, many more working with all branches of service in different scenarios not just warfighting. Search and Rescue Personnel from around the world often visit and train with the 210th Rescue Squadron of the Alaska National Guard, considered the "best" at what they do anywhere in the world, given the harsh conditions they operate in.

-- (, July 11, 1999.

Snowleopard -

I would agree. Nearly every year the British come to Ft. Lewis in Wash. and train. The year Mt. St Helens blew (1980) the Montana State N. G. was here. A couple years ago, Wash. Nat'l Guard went to Mountain Home in Idaho for training, and they trained in Canada, I think it was in 1989. They trained with the Canadians up near Edmonton somewhere. It is not unusual to train with other states/countries. The Y2K stuff might be a bit unusual, but when my husband got out of the Wash. Nat'l Guard the end of May, Y2K hadn't even been mentioned, except privately among the members and the one time announcement by Gov. Locke and Gen. Barlow that the Guard would be training over the rollover in Washington state.

-- Valkyrie (anon@please. net), July 12, 1999.

This happens all the time.

Nothing to it. To even see a relationship with Y2k is stupit. Foreign countries will have enugh to do on theyre own. They will not sent troops into other countries they need them for theyre own problems.

Now Y2k training for the sakes of rioting control yes I am strongly for it. Problem will be there are just not enugh real soldiers available to do so. Remember LA.

Unfortunately this time the rioters will not stand still and wait for them weekend warriors , they will get them weekend warriors first, this way they will have what they need - (guns, ammo and whatever rations are on the person).

I foresee a lot of them wannabe Natl. guard weekend wariors run with wet pants home to mommy.

God help all of us.

-- justme (, July 12, 1999.

What is the most efficient way to put down mass public uprising?

Use troops from another country who don't speak the language and don't give a rat's *** for you or your family. How do you accomplish this? We send troops to your country for "crowd control" and you send troops to our country.

Native troops are not nearly as likely to fire on their own civilians as foreign troops would be. By the way, read the threads concerning the merging of U.S., Canadian and Mexican militaries posted above.

What would you do if you saw foreign troops on the streets of America ( I don't mean in a parade either )? Most people dismiss this possibility outright. Should they? All past great civilizations didn't see the end coming until it was too late. Are we any different?

-- (, July 12, 1999.

How many people would stand for foreign troops patroling this country during a crisis? You want a revolution? This would be the sure thing to start one. People on the top are smarter then that. They know where the limits are. This would be feasable in Europe or any country where the general people are not armed. Look at the problems that the "winner" have in Kosovo.

The problem with the logistics of foreign soldiers patoling the US would be not solvable. The public uproar and uprising would make suport for this soldiers impossible. Look at Hebron and other places where the Israeli army can barly sustain a small handfull of people in comparison with the US.

Although the leadership in this country is trying to disarm the public it will not be able to do so in the next 6 month or next year for that mater. As long as the general public IS armed the dread of foreign soldiers to be used for riot controll is close to nil.

-- justme (, July 12, 1999.

I just don't see this foreign troops business. If things are as bad as is being predicted for other countries, they will need their own troops at home. And while a heavily armed US population may be reluctant to fire on our own troops, a foreign presence will virtually guarantee a concerted hard response or civil war. Lastly, to have any large contingency of foreign troops here would require an immense cooperative effort by many other countries working together, and there will be such chaotic problems at the time, this won't happen. IMHO

-- Gordon (, July 12, 1999.

If homegrown or foreign terrorists can launch a few near-simultaneous attacks of enough severity on U.S. (for instance, water infrastructure TRASHED in Northwest or a suitcase nuke detonated in NYC), tens of millions of U.S. citizens will beg for martial law, at least in the affected area.

It is quite credible that such attacks are being planned: rollover is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, here is a case where the "good guys" in our gov (and there are many) are really between a rock and a hard place.

If you don't factor the possibility (I don't say the probability) of this into your Y2K plans, you're being foolish. Some pollys in gov are more concerned about this than Y2K, which should tell you something about either their "data" or their paranoia.

-- BigDog (, July 12, 1999.

Right on Big Dog.

People mostly just see the little stuff affecting the small circle around them ... Its called tunnel vision. We allways should put terrorism into the the equation. But all of this will not result in foreign troops on US soil for the sakes of riot or sheeple control.

Being prepared for All posibilities is prudent. More so as the signs are there the warnings are there. How much more can be said without triggering a panic?

I believe that enugh information is being leaked out and maybe so on purpose so that the independent spirit will see the sign and prepare.

Those people that are not able to see the signs are the people that would panic anyhow.

I believe this leaking of info is the greatest trump in gov. hands at this time. There will be people out there that are prepared, that do NOT panic, they will be able to calm things down and able to help to calm things down.

I believe that people on the top are realizing that a panic is a given. what they are trying to do is to control the extent of that panic.

If that takes the "" intentional leak of info to those intelligent enugh to see " then that's what is being done.

I just feel bad for those that are intelligent enugh to see but who for whatever reason don't want to see.

-- justme (, July 12, 1999.

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