Did anyone catch John K. Y2K Zar on Channel 4 in DC?

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John K. Y2K Zar was on Channel 4 early this morning! 8am or so. Sunday

Did anyone catch the whole thing?

I heard the last question.

He was expressing an opinion about Y2K Bank Runs.

The last question was about wheter he thought the Media had a role to play in "informing" people of "good news" so that there would not be Bank Runs.

He answered only that he wanted people to be comfortable with where there money is.

But did anyone catch the whole interview!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


-- Thomas G. Hale (hale.tg@att.net), July 11, 1999



Same as you, caught about the last twenty seconds. Will be our fault if we respond in the wrong way. LOL

-- Tom Beckner (xouttbeckner@erols.com), July 11, 1999.

Thanx for the musical insert!!! scared me for a sec....talk about paranoia!

-- NSmith (nitnat3@aol.com), July 11, 1999.

Hmm. The Beatles, "Nowhere Man." Or what passes for the digitalized, instrumental version of it! I wouldn't say that Mr. Koskinen "doesn't have a point of view"--it's just that not everybody agrees with it.

-- Don Florence (dflorence@zianet.com), July 11, 1999.

John Koskinen came to Austin for the y2k Community Conversation which was held yesterday. In my opinion he has been given a thankless task. Nobody will like him no matter what he does. I think he is trying to tread a very fine line between telling citizens what they need to know and pleasing the corporations and the powers that be.

Here are some quotes from my notes. (I apologize if they are not absolutely perfect, I was writing as fast as I could.)

"Our concerns are at the local level. People need to pay attention to the problem while they have time. Y2k is a serious problem. No one can guarantee everything is going to work. If you don't do anything at all, you will discover that your things don't work. Update your emergency and contingency plans."

Q: You have said you are as concerned about complacency as about overconcern. Can we expect any leadership from Clinton in terms of prudent preparation? A: "We don't think there will be national problems. We encourage people to deal with their local providers. Just because we have increasingly good news nationally does *not* mean that there will not be local problems. We think nationally *everyone* ought to be prepared as for a normal disaster, 2-3 days food and water. In different communities they are setting goals that take into consideration their past emergency response experiences. In Miami they are talking about 7-10 days preparation. In Los Angeles, 5-7 days. Ask, what's our experience locally? What should we as a community do to prepare?"

"It's worth everybody's time to listen and everybody's time to prepare."

"One of the reasons we're focussed on local areas is that 25% of the counties in the country don't even have a plan. There is a high risk of failuse and they're gonna happen. There's still time for people to make emergency and contingency plans."

"The State Department will have travelers advisories out in September."

"No one can guarantee that with all the interrelationships, all the problems can be found. Everyone needs a contingency plan and everyone needs to be prepared."

"Public panic and overreaction is a real issue. *If* people feel that they're comfortably prepared, people won't panic. *Anyone's* failure * will* have a ripple effect. There *will* *be* risks. If we have 700 or 1000 communities in the country with problems clearly we don't have enough people in FEMA to send out to all those places. People have to be prepared to deal with it at a local level and *that's* where the cascading issue comes in."

He definitely did not sound like a polly to me. I plan to post my full notes when I get the time, maybe tomorrow.

-- Mommacares (harringtondesignX@earthlink.net), July 11, 1999.

Aaarrrggghh. Stop the music please.

How do you turn those things off (other than the volumn control on my set of course).

Cute, but unless there's one of those little control thingies, it is annoying.

-- Linda (lwmb@psln.com), July 11, 1999.

[Begin quote...]

Aaarrrggghh. Stop the music please. How do you turn those things off (other than the volumn control on my set of course).

Cute, but unless there's one of those little control thingies, it is annoying.

[End quote]

Click the stop button on your browser. That kills MIDI/WAV file playback (if backgrounded) as well as aniGIFs. I tend to hit the stop button REAL quick when a page starts squawking MIDI at me. ;-)

The freelance web-dude called...

-- OddOne (mocklamer_1999@yahoo.com), July 11, 1999.

I'd say "The Fool on the Hill" was even more appropriate than "Nowhere Man"

-- number six (we_can't_work_it_out@we_can't_work_it_out.com), July 11, 1999.

I noticed what a *FINE* job he did of avoiding the question about IF we can expect any leadership coming from the Whitehouse at any point in time. (Yellowhouse would be more appropriate). "We don't expect any national problems". Perhaps this is do to the fact that Clinton has given this nation SO MANY problems already.....they don't expect there could be many left yet to experience. The death of outrage. *Who* gave Koskinen his very difficult, miserable job? *Who* is forever willing to allow *other* people to hang twisting in the wind for all to see, while he makes a trip to the coffee room just off of the Oval Office? Just *who* is willing to take other's lives in his pursuit to 'distract'? How much more will he be allowed to destroy and deplete and how many, before American's finally tie this punk to a tree and put a cherry on the top of his head?

Stay tuned as we explore the answers to these questions and many others ,right after this commercial breakup and financial collapse.

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), July 12, 1999.

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