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CBN will have a One Hour Special about Y2k on July 20. Guests include Bruce Webster, Dr. Robert Alloway, Shaunti Feldhahn and a taped interview with Sen. Robert Bennett. Check your local listing.

Drew Parkhill may be able to furnish a link.

Sorry if this has been posted earlier, I did not see it.

-- Linda A. (, July 10, 1999


Know who Sen. Bennett is, who are the others? Thanks.

-- Barb (, July 11, 1999.

Will Pat Robertson talk about how he was trying to start an on-line banking venture very recently? Somehow this does not fly well with CBN's position on the severity of y2k.

-- Nada Troll (, July 11, 1999.

CBN's position on the severity of y2k.

What, exactly, is that position? Thanks.

-- Lane Core Jr. (, July 11, 1999.

CBN's Y2K Page

-- Gayla (, July 11, 1999.

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