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I recently received a Video CD player as a present. The item was purchased in Hong Kong.

I'm really interested in singing along to some Karaoke discs I have, but playing the discs (and singing) through my TV doesn't sound too good.

Some one suggested I plug in a HiFi amplifier, but this produced no sound at all!

Can some one please tell me how I set up my VCD as a Karaoke player?

Thanks very much.


-- Kai Fung Man (kaifung@cwcom.net), July 10, 1999



You may have made a mistake in connecting the VCD to the Hi-fi. Please connect the Audio Out Left/Right of the VCD to the Audio In Left/Right of the Hi-fi usually labeled TV or Tape located at the back of the Hi-fi. The Video output of the VCD should be connected as usual to the Video In of the TV. Make sure when turning on the Hi-Fi amplifier to choose the proper input source TV or Tape. I assume you are using a VCD with Karaoke function. With this set up you should be able to listen to your voice ouput via the Hi-fi. Adjust the volume control to your desired level.

Enjoy Singing Afterwards!!

-- Joel Regala (jmregala@hotmail.com), March 09, 2000.

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