Entry Requirements as a Tourist

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Hi There! I planning to visit in Hongkong this coming December with my family. My problem is my passport will expire on April 10, 2000, i just want to know if i will not encounter any problem with regards to my passport. I check here Cathay Pacific Travel Agency here in Jeddah and he told me is okay as long as one (1) month before expiration when i visit Hongkong. Because in other place like Singapore they required six (6) months valid passport. Please confirm if it's okay or not with regards my valid passpor and no problem at all. Thanks in advance!

-- Lorenzo M. Castro (larry_castro@yahoo.com), July 10, 1999


hi there! In my life I alwalys hope someday can visit to hong kong, Dream lot about hong kong too.but I am in USA , My passport was expir by last year so.... what can I do. I am reday want to be hong kong some day, that is dream of one in my life! think you for taking your time.

-- Lin yi hone (ylin@student.msd.k12.wi.us), September 27, 2001.

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