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I am trying to make my own VCD's so I can backup a huge supply of Laserdiscs, as yet I have not used a capture card as I want to make sure that I can make a VCD before buying any extra hardware. My problem is that using Easy CD creator Deluxe I can succesfully make a VCD with a mpeg file that was on my PC but my PSX adaptor won't recognise the CDR when I try to use it, My Playstation reads CDR's that I have bought through mail order but not the ones I burn myself. When I put the VCD on my PC using Xing it works perfectly and the frame rate and specs are the same as all the other VCD's I have, I really can't understand why it won't work on the PSX, my only theory is that the mpeg file I burned was only 8 seconds long, is there a minimum length that you have to have on a VCD. Please help as I don't want to waste money on a capture card that I can't use.

p.s. Can you reccommend a capture card with direct video input-either mpeg or avi?

-- Ryan Durbin (, July 10, 1999


Easy CD Creator Deluxe is well known for producing bad disks (it puts the files in the wrong place), use a tool like VideoPack 4.0 or, for simplier disks, WinOnCD.

-- FunOne (, September 29, 1999.

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